Before You I Was Nothing(Emmett cullen & Jacob black story)

This is a Emmett Cullen and Jacob black love story. The 2 girls is part vampire. Human and werewolf

Chapter 1



i looked around i was in the woods fighting for my life. i ran from the 5 vampires who were chasing me. but where could i run too. i ran as fast as i could until i was tackle to the down.

i looked and saw it was Aro who tackle me.

Aro-now dear your either going to join me or your sister is dead

secret- i will never join you as long as i live

aro-well then you leave me no choice secret

aro grab my neck and i try to free his hands from my neck i was losing air very quickly and i didnt do nothing.

next thing i knew Aro was thrown off of me. i gasp for air and stood up. i phase in my vampire form and looked at who help me.

there stood a brown russet redish color wolf. the wolf was huge. i wasn't eve that big in my wolf form.

oh yeah well im part vampire,human, and werewolf. crazy right well my mom was a shapshifter and my dad was a vampire and they had me and my sister. so were im not sure what you would called it but my mom calls it half breed.

Aro been wanting me and my sister to join them since we were born and i was not having it. me and my sister fed off of animal blood.

but back to the fight. i stare at the wolf and it was beautiful. before i could focus on aro he attack me and i flew into a tree. i scream out in pain in the wolf stood in front of me as if it was protecting me? but why would this wolf helped if it didnt know me or anything. i stood up and glare at Aro he ran toward us and i threw a fire ball at him.

yes i have powers. i can see qa person past from when they were first born and i have fire power pretty cool right.

Alec ran toward me and the wolf attack him. i look at jane and next thing i know i fell to the ground with that unbearable pain she use on me.

i woke up to somebody shaking me and i jump up and saw my mom. she stare at me worry.

mom-sweetie you ok?

i looked around my room to see it was just a dream.

secret-yeah..just a bad dream

mom-well get up before your late for school...your sister downstairs

i nodded and got up and took a shower and got dress. i sign and notice my eyes were black. i needed to go hunt and im sure my sister did too.

i sign and went downstairs and grab some toast and left the house. Another day at school just great.


i sign as i was at school and bored and ready to get out of this place. the bell rung and i rush out of the school. i saw the guys and walked over to them.


embry-i know right

we went to emily house and as soon as we walk in the house the smell of fresh baked muffins hit my face. we instantly ran to the kitchen and saw emily.

emily-hey guys..perfect timing

jazcob-aint it always

I saw Sam walk over to Emily and kiss her. Emily smile and hugged him while we all just ate and joke around. I sign and thought that I had actually imprinted on bella. But they guys don't think so but I don't care.

I love bella and I was going to win her heart if it the last thing I do. I sign and wonder what it was like to actually imprint on somebody but their nobody but bella for me. Bella is the love of my life and always will be.

I smile at the thought of that. Bella is the only one for me. And I swore I going to keep trying until her heart stops beating.

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