From the Moment I Meet You (Liam Payn love story)

From the Moment I Meet You (Liam Payn love story)

This is my first story so tell me what you think of it, how i can make my future ones better, and anything i got wrong. Hope you love it!! Sorry is short!
Alexandria Chase
Pale, silverblue eyes.long blond hair.skinny, temper

Chapter 1

When We Meet

"I can't belive how beautiful it is out there!" I whisper.
"Alex you should be in bed!" Mom scolds "Aren't you tired from all this unpacking?"
"I havn't unpacked."I said" in a few months we'll just move again!"
"But this time is permanent!"Mom insists.
"Thats what you said last time!"I scream but was drowned out by thunder.
Knock Knock Knock
"I'll go get it." Mom mutters.
Five minutes later.
"Mom whats up?" I ask as I walk to the door.
"These boys's tour bus has a broken transmission and fuel pump!" Mom says while trying to surpres a smile.
As I look at these five boys I notice who they are!
"Well You guys will be staying here for at lest a few days." I say as i walk upstairs.
Once I slam the door i grab my MP3 player and put on my favorite song What Makes You Beautiful by noneother than the boys in my living room One Direction!
Halfway through the song all five boys from One Direction come into my room.
I had my nose in my favorite book (Percy Jackson and the Olympians The Lightnning Theif) and didn't notice them till they sat on my bed.
"Hi."I say as I take out my ear plugs.
"I'm Alex"I add.
"HI I'm Liam"
"Hi I'm Nial"
"Hi I'm Harry"
"Hi I'm Zayn"
"Hi I'm Louis"
"You know how to change a transmision and fuel pump?" Zayn asks.
"Fuel Pump yes transmission no but I help my Dad." I say as i raise my book back to hide my face.
When I peek over they are all looking at me very impressed.
"What besides listining to music,reading, and spending time with all of my siblings and pets thats all there is to do here!" I giggle.
"What are you listinig to?"Liam asks as he piaks up my MP3 player.
He automaticlly starts grinning and shows the rest of the guys the song they all start smiling.
"Nice choice!"Nial laughs.
"Thats our favorite song too!"Harry says.
"How old are you?"Louis asks.
"14" I reply.
Liam,Harry,and Nial are 15,Louis is 16, and I'm 17"says Zayn.
Just as Zayn finishes talking James (my youngest brother) comes running in crying.
"James you scared of the storm?"I ask.
"carey"James cries.
I pick him up and take him to my window and show him how pretty it is. After that he starts laughing.
"story"He says as he runs to my bed and picks up my Percy Jackson book.
After one chapter James falls asleep when I start to pick him up Liam Takes him from me and carries him to his room.
"Thanks my arms are kinda sore from carring 50 lb boxes of my sisters' close up th staires!"I say.
On the way back to my room Liam suddenly says "I don't have a girlfriend you know!".
"and I don't have a boyfriend "I reply as I try not to laugh.
"Your room is right next to mine,Nial's and Harry's is next to that and Louis's and Zayn's is across the hall!"I whisper.
"Your amazing!"Liam whispers back.
I look at the ground and smile while i try to hide my blushing cheeks.
"Goodnight"Liam says.
"night" I whisper.
after i get in my room I here them saying that Liam might have a new girlfriend and the funny thing is that Liam didn't disagree!
"I might actually like her!" He wispers as he closes his door.

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