It's Simone here guys.

Chapter 1

I just want to say... Lola's trying to persuade me to come back but I don't know.. As for my stories.. :( if I do make a new account I'm only adding certain people..
Like.. Oh gosh.. I miss ye all already. :(

I shouldn't of deleted over a stupid reason like that, but I was upset and mad over all the fighting. Ye guys are amazing to me and I leave without even a warning. Agh, I'm just so stupid guys. I apologies.

Anyway, I'll have to have a few days to consider making a new one. :/ I'm not sure I want to, but I miss ye already een though it's only been a day. :( I never realized how many of ye would care when I was gone and that means so much to me! I'll be always grateful for ye! :)

Well, I better go. :)
Love ye lots,
Simone. Xx


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