Back in Tulsa, Falling for a Greaser- An Outsiders Love Story


Chapter 1

Back in Tulsa

by: Dance

"Mom! I'm home!" I called as I stepped into our home in Tulsa. I missed it here. I brought in my small amount of luggage.
It was mid-May, and I was just returning home from Marietta Williams Ladies Academy. It was a private, all-girl finishing school in Manhattan, which accepted me because my father had been friends with some on the admittance board. I was given a full scholarship, because- as much as my mother wanted me to get away from our crummy neighborhood- she couldn't afford it. I hated that school and all the pricks that went there.
"Welcome home, sweetheart!" My mom cried happily, drawing me close. I hugged her back, examining how the awful shoes I was forced to wear made me taller than her.
"Where's Two-Bit?" I asked. Two-Bit was my older brother, who I was very close to.
"Down at the Curtis', I think," she replied. Normally, I would've gotten changed out of my uniform, but I missed the gang so much that I ran out the door.
The wind whipped my face and tore my hair loose from the sleek, polished style and the messy waves fell past my shoulders. My hair was a dark auburn, my eyes were hazel, and my skin was a medium-toned. I had a medium build and was an average height for a 16-year-old girl.
I calm to a stunned halt when I reached the house. Just like I remembered. I smiled as I walked up to the door. I pushed it open like I was used to doing.
"Hello?" I called.
"Jen?!" I heard their voices call together. I laughed as they came to greet me. Two-Bit reached me first and lifted me in hug.
"Aw, my baby's sister all grown up!" He fake cried as he put me down. I laughed and playfully punched him on the arm.
"Who could this be?" A voice asked, his hands over my eyes.
"It's Jen, Soda," I said. I knew all of their voices even after not seeing them for months. He brought his hands down.
"Oh, but it can't be-" Dallas began, smiling evilly. I knew what he was going to say before he said it. I glared at him.
"Charlotte Jennifer Mathews?" He finished, smirking. I cringed at the sound of that terrible name.
"Oh, c'mon, Dal! You know I hate that!" I complained. He laughed and slung an arm around me.
"I'm just messin' with ya, Big Shot!" He said. He'd started calling me 'Big Shot' when I socked a Soc last summer for hitting on me. Besides Two-Bit, the one I was closest to was Dally.
"Dang, Jen!" Ponyboy exclaimed. "You look like a Soc!"
I looked down at my uniform, along with the boys.
"Look at you," Dally grinned. "All grown up."
Two-Bit scoffed as Dally winked at me playfully.
"I'm gonna go get out of this disgusting uniform and I'll be right back," I said, getting up.

Dally's POV
It was good to have Jen back. She was one of my best friends. As I watched her walk out, I noticed a...weird feeling. Bad? Not necessarily. But different? Most definitley. It can't be...? No. Dammit, Dallas! I thought. Get ahold of yourself!

Jen's POV
As I got changed, I thought of how the boys had all changed over the year. Darry was still the same. Two-Bit was still always making jokes. Steve hadn't changed. Soda was still as charming and handsome. Johnny had new bruises but still the lost puppy look. Pony was starting to grow up more. And Dally....well, I hadn't put my finger on it, but Dally was different.
After I was dressed in my normal clothes (, I rummaged through my drawer until I found it.
My switchblade.
I held it to my chest, the realization that I was finally away from that hellhole hitting me.
Two-Bit had stolen me the switchblade after I almost got jumped by a couple of Socs.
With my leather jacket around me and my switchblade in my back pocket, I sprinted back to the Curtis' house.

"So, Jen, how was school?" Johnny asked me.
"Good," I said flatly. I looked down, aware that I was fully lying to them.
Dally looked right at me.
"Answer him again. And don't lie this time," Dally said. I looked into his eyes. Every single thing came rushing back to me.
"Terrible. I hated almost everyone at the school. I flunked three subjects. I was put on probation four times. My boyfriend from the boys academy down the road cheated on me. Then his friends jumped me," I said flatly.
Everyone tensed up. Two-Bit looked furious.
"You just let them jump you? That ain't like you," Steve noted.
My eyes narrowed at him.
"No, I didn't just let them. There were six of them and I was already on probation. And I would've done something if a cop hadn't pulled up," I snapped.
"Sorry school was terrible, Jen," Dally said. He handed me a cigarette.
"Here. This oughtta calm you down."
"Thanks, Dal," I said, taking and lighting the cigarette.
"So, how're things around here?" I asked them.
They all looked down and I knew things had been rough.

Please tell me what ya think! Love y'all!

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