Let Me Hold Your Heart (a BTR love story)

Peacegirl13 (me)

Enjoy! xD

Chapter 11

Carli's POV 'yeah well why can't it be Bob's POV huh?!!' SHUT UP IT'S MY POV!!!! >:(

Carlos and I went to the park. We lay down on the soft, green grass looking at the puffs of white clouds in the blue sky.

"That one looks like a bunny." I said pointing to a cloud.
Carlos pointed to another cloud. "That one looks like a..."

"A what? What does it look like?" I asked.

"Um..never mind." Carlos replied.

"It's such a beautiful day today." I smiled. I'm always in a good mood when there's good weather.

"Hey you know the difference between this weather and you?" Carlos asked.

"No, what is it?" I questioned.

"Weather isn't beautiful every day but you are." Carlos answered.

I blushed. "You're so sweet." Then Carlos leaned in and our lips touched. It was a nice kiss. But the whole time my mind kept drifting to James. Yes, I know he's a rude, obnoxious, self-centered player. But there's something about him that makes my heart long for him..

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