Let Me Hold Your Heart (a BTR love story)

Peacegirl13 (me)

Enjoy! xD

Chapter 3

Carli's POV

I sat by the pool soaking in the sun's hot rays. I noticed a really cute boy talking to a girl. "Call me." he said winking. After she left, he started talking to another girl. I can't believe this guy! He's a player! After the second girl left, I walked over to him. "Um, excuse me?" I crossed my arms. "Oh hello. I'm James. You probably want my number." He said full of himself. "Listen, I don't want your damn number." I said. "Then why did you come over here?" he asked. "Because I noticed you talking to two girls at the same time!" I said angrily. "Oh, someone's jealous." James grinned.

"I'm not jealous! I'm just mad becuse you're a player!" I yelled. "You totally have a giant crush on me. By the way, I never got your name." James replied. "My name is Carli. And don't you dare say I have a crush on you because I don't!" I snapped. "You know the more you deny it, the bigger your crush on me gets and-" I cut James off by pushing him in the pool. "Douchebag." I muttered.

I walked into the elevator to go to my apartment. There was another girl who looked about my age. "Hey, I'm Shelby." she said. "I'm Carli." I replied.

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