Take Me Away (Maximum Ride LOVE STORY, FAX)

Summary: Max and Iggy move to Austin, Texas, thinking they were the only ones that could fly. But soon they meet Fang, Nudge, Gazzy, and Angel,and they can fly too! When Max and Fang start falling for each other, they almost forget about hiding their secret.Will things get out of hand or will everthing work out perfectly?

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Chapter 1

Our Secret

by: qwertysis
~Max's POV~
My hair blew out of my face as I soared higher and higher. I loved this feeling I got when i was flying. Yes, flying. I could fly, and so could my brother, Iggy. We figured we were the only people that could fly. Even my mom says we're the only weird bird kids.
I laughed and pumped my 14 ft wings higher in the sky. "WAIT!" Iggy shouted as he tried to catch up. "I'm at 3'o'clock!" I shouted back to him.
Iggy was blind, so I helped navigate him, but suprisingly Iggy was totally capable of doing anything I could. It's very impressive.
I looked down below and saw a red jeep driving on the road, there's my mom! I thought as Iggy and I raced ahead.
"Last one to the house is a rotten egg!"Iggy hollered and plummeted quickly downwards. I angled my body and rocketed past Iggy. "WHAT NO FAIR!" Iggy cried as he pumped his wings to drop faster. I laughed as I was going 300 miles per hour. That's my special ability.

I stopped on top of a big branch and pulled Iggy up with me. Uh oh, I forgot the address.... Iggy smirked as if he could read my mind. "Our new house is located at 1203 James Patterson Street." I stuck out my tounge at Iggy and said,"I'm sticking my tounge out at you." "I know"He replied. "Now I'm rolling my eyes at you!" I retorted. "I know,"He replied.
"Let's go"
I unfurled my wings and flew through the vast blue sky.

I loved flying because it makes me feel free, happy, and important.
No one else can fly except for Me and Iggy. How cool is that?
Cardinals and Bluejays flew around me as if to say,/whoa a human is flying! a human is flying!/ They tittered and I whistled back.
After flying for a while, I saw with my very sharp bird eyes, the street sign that said JAMES PATTERSON STREET.
"WE'RE HERE!!!" I shouted to Iggy excitedly. Iggy whooped for joy.
"Straight ahead!" I told him as I plummeted to the ground, followed by Iggy.
Once we landed on the ground, we quickly hid in some bushes. "I hear someone. Shhhh..."I warned Iggy. "Quick! Roll up your wings!"
We quickly folded our wings back into our body and got out of the bushes.

"WHO IS THERE?" I heard someone shout. Next to me, Iggy stiffened. I held my breath. Who is that? A robber? A rapist? A serial killer?
This neighborhood is not safe.
Suddenly I heard a little girly scream in a very high pitch voice. My heart rate quickened. "We have to save her!" I whispered angrily.
Iggy nodded and clenched his fist ready for a fight. We slowly and cautiously walked towards the shrieking. My muscles tightened, ready for a battle.

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