This is epic, how bout a round of applause for us.

Chapter 1

TODAY WAS EPIC!!!! I went shopping with thu following people:

Noah's Momma
Noah's Daddy
Noah's sister

OMG, we had a blast!!!! Me and Noah went off in the store together. Then me and Noah's sisters did. And our parents went together. So me and Noah went off to hulahoop.... and well lets say we had to clean up some stuff after we wer done. And our sisters went to go look at makeup and all that crap. And our parents picked out stuff for our easter baskets. We didnt even kno we wer gonna go shopping together until we all met in Walmart cuz Noah's mom yelled out "Hey Beautiful!!!!" I wuz like "who is this?????" and I turned around and it wuz that skinny blonde chica!!!! :) Hehehe, she came and hugged me and Noah's daddy wuz like "Hey gurly!!!" I swear they are my second family :3 Lol, we had a blast together. Then we all put easter baskets together... Ahhh, and I just came inside from stunting and tumbling on the trampoline... Yuppp, wata boring life huh? k, I'm donee herrr ;)


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