My sexy teacher (lesbian)

Chapter 1

Meeting Catherine

I walked into class, my iPod blasting through my skull candy earphones. It was a Linkin Park song that was playing, and I was lip singing and really just looking like an idiot. It was the first day back at school, and my best friend was still in India. However my other close mate Lindy was there, so I pulled up a chair next to her and asked her what I missed, I got here an hour earlier than anyone else, but I'm still always late for class. That's when the new teacher walked in, damn. She was cute, definitely cute enough for me to like her. Lindy noticed, she could always tell when I liked a girl. "Brianna, I'm pretty sure she's like 10 years older than you". Yeah, she definitely noticed. It wasn't hard, I went bright red, bit my lip and apparently my bright blue eyes went huge. I sighed and refrained from doing any talking. I had my eyes on the teacher....and she had her eyes on me.

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