A Black's Heart.....(A Harry Potter Story)

A Black's Heart.....(A Harry Potter Story)

Hope You Like It:)

Chapter 1


This Will Take Place During The Prisoner Of Azkaban, Things Will Change, Like Instead Of The Golden Trio Being In The Third Year, They Are in Their Fourth. Oh, And This Would Either Be A Harry Or Ron Love Story, Still Don't Know. So, Harry or Ron?
Also, It Will Be Sort Of Different From The Books/Movies!

Name: Lexie Black
Year: Fourth
Father: Sirius Black
Mother: Unknown
House: Gryffindor
Hair: Long Wavy Dirty Blonde
Eyes: Gray
Height: 5'4
Blood Status: Pure Blood
Wand: 13' Willow With Unicorn Hair Core
Patronus: Dog
Personality: Brave, Smart, Quick, Quiet, Mainly Keeps To Herself, And Isn't Afraid To Speak Her Mind.
Bio: After Sirius was send to Azkaban she was sent to live with some distant family. She believes and knows that her father is innocent, and can't wait until she could see him again. She misses him.


I looked at my window, rain was pouring down. I was so lost in my thoughts that I didn't hear my annoying so called cousin, Annie, walked into my room.
"Hey, I asked you a question!,"she exclaimed hiting me in the back of my head.
"And what was it?,"I asked through my teeth rubbing my head. I really can't wait 'till tomorrow, then I'll be at Hogwarts away from this hell hole.
"What are you making for dinner? You know you need to make mlore, because my boyfriend and his family are coming over...,"she said with her annoying high pitch voice.
"I don't know yet,"I said as she shut up, she simply rolld her eyes and walked away.
I turned my attention back to the rain, thinking what my dad would be now? Probably trying to sleep, or maybe even trying to escape. Five minutes later I decided to get up and start on dinner.

I cooked a typical meal, not that any one around here would be greatful for. I set the table just in time. Dustin, Annie's boyfriend, and his family arraived just in time. We all sat down and started to enjoy the meal.
"This is really good, did you make this Annie?,"asked Dustin's mom.
"Thank you, and yes, yes I did,"she replied with a slight smirk. I simply rolled my eyes, this won't be the first the time she takes credit for something I did.
"What is your recipe? I have to have it,"replied Dustin's mom, now I was the one with a smirk.
"Yes, Annie, won't you tell us your recipe?,"I asked dropping my fork onto my plate and crossing my arms. She simply glared at me, making my smirk grow into a smile.
"Well...uh..you know....a great cook doesn't really tell her secrets?,"she reponded unsure of herself. The expression of Dustin's mom was priceless, she knew Annie had just lied to them.
"What you do is let it cook for ten minutes instead of five, add some garlic and lemon and you're all set,"I said with a smile. I felt someone kick me from underneath the table, I looked up to see my "aunt", Lucy, glaring at me. I rolled my eyes, but decided to "correct" my mistake.
"Or at least that's what Annie tells me,"I added quickly. Dustin's mom starts to laugh and talk to Annie. I excused myself and went up to my room.

The next morning I woke up to Lucy banging on my door. As I sat up a smile appeared on my face. Hogwarts, finally! I changed into some jeans and a plain blue shirt, then put on my black shoes. The smile kept getting bigger as I got my suitcases and ran down stairs.
"Another year going to that horrible school, I don't know why you want to go. I mean you'll just end up like your father. A pathetic low life loser who-"my aunt started to say getting louder before I decided to speak out.
"Don't you dare talk about my father like that! You don't even know him!,"I exclaimed.
"I don't have to! I'm not the one who killed someone, now did I?,"she asked surprised I stood up for myself.
"Might as well! And neither did him!,"I said clenching my hand into a fist. My aunt noticed it and stepped back.
"Maybe you should walk to the station,"she simply said not taking her gaze off my hands.
"Maybe I should!,"I said as I grabbed my two suitcases and started to walk. The train station was about five blocks down the road, if I run, I just might make it.

I made it just in time, glad I kept running and that I didn't stop. Finding a compartment wasn't easy, but finally found one.
Harry, Hermione, Ron and a proffessor were there, well, the proffessor was asleep.
"Hey Lex,"said Ron as I sat down in between them him and Hermione.
"Hey,"I replied as I looked down and saw a newspaper on the ground, I didn't pay much attention until I saw a familiar face. I quickly picked it up and read it.
My father has escaped! What? How?
"Are you alright Lex,"asked Harry, noticing how glad I was.
"Uh..yeah,"I simply replied, I've never told them about my dad. I wonder if they know Sirius is my my father.
The train came to a sudden stop, we all looked at each other with a questioned look.
I started to feel cold, and depressed?
"Someone's coming,"whispered Ron. We all turned our attention to the door when a black grey figure open the door, I immideatly knew what it was, a dementor! I quickly grabbed my wand.
"Expecto Petronum!,"I exclaimed along with someone else. I turned to see the professor doing the same, he looked kinda familiar, like someone I had seen in a picture or something.
The Dementor went away, but Harry fainted.
"Harry!,"exclaimed Hermione as she and Ron dropped to his knees.
"He'll be okay. I'm professor Lupin, and how do you know that spell young lady,"asked the Proffesor.
I looked at him, deciding wether to tell him the truth, and if I did will it give who my dad was?
"My dad told me about it, in a letter,"I simply replied.
"Your dad, huh? And what are your names?,"he asked us.
"Mine is Hermione Granger,"said Hermione, of course.
"Ron Weasley,"said Ron still looking at Harry, it looked like he wasnted to faint also.
"He's Harry Potter, and I'm Lexie Black,"I said introducing myself and Harry. Once I said my name his head shot up.
"I never thought that I'll hear thos two names in the same sentences,"he whispered loud enough for me to hear.
"Excuse me?,"I asked.
"So, Lexie Black...daughter of...,"he started to say but I cut him off. Hermione, Harry, and Ron didn't know about this.
"Yes,"I said before he could finished.
He looked a me and smiled getting the picture. Why does he look so familiar? Where have I seen him before? Then it hit me, Lupin!
"Your first name wouldn't happened to Remus, would it?,"I asked him. He looked at me confused, but still answered.
"Yes, it would,"he responded. My mouth fell a little. He's the famous Remus Lupin, old friend of my dad and Harry's dad. My dad has told me a lot about them, Remus looked at me and he knew I knew about him.

Soory if its to long and suckish, Will Get Better Though, So Should It Be A Harry Or Ron Love Story?

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