The Secret Garden (For Gymdog's contest)

^^ This feels so girly, but oh well. It's a cool idea, I hope!

Chapter 1

The Voice in the Garden

A girl walks around a yard, trying to avoid the boys and girls that cross her path and make her feel worthless. She hears what they whisper about her, how she's weird, that no one likes her, and things that are so incredibly rude, I can't repeat it.

Thankfully, though, this yard had a fence that no one could see through. She doesn't want anyone to see her, because then they'd round up all of their friends and come into the yard to taunt her some more. She can't bear that, for she is only a young girl that doesn't quite know how the world works yet.

It's not her fault she looks and acts different. She has rather large glasses that make her eyes look twice their size. Her old, ratty hairbrush only makes her frizzy hair looke even worse. She's a very lanky lass and her hand-me-downs are either two sizes too small or big. She's smarter than the other kids. She's what some call a child prodigy, and when she recites the logical things she works out in her head that others her age are too young to process and understand, they call her weird and other insults that are again much too rude for me to repeat.

The girl walked around in the yard, liking the feeling of being alone. She looked at the grass and tried to figure out if the owner uses fertilizer or not to make it so green and far healthier than the other grass on her street. The grass in her yard is long dead and hasn't been mowed in years. Suddenly, the little girl fell into a hole, but instead of landing in dirt, she landed inside of a giant pot of flowers.

She got out of the pot and dusted the soul off her bum. She looked around, gawking at the beautiful plants that surrounded her. This was no ordinary yard. It was a garden, full of gorgeous trees, shrubs, flowers and so on. She wished that she was as beautiful as the plants around her. Then maybe the boys and girls in her town wouldn't hate her so much.

"We've been waiting for you, Madeline," a voice from behind a large tree said. Madeline had heard many things in her days, but never a voice as whimsical as the lady from behind the tree. It seemed so nice, like it actually cared about the poor little girl. She couldn't resist walking over to it, for no one has ever spoken so nicely to her before, not even her own parents. Sometimes, they were as mean as the bullies themselves.

Madeline walked over to the voice, looking all around the tree, but seeing nothing. Could her eyes fool her? Maybe the kids are right, she thought. Maybe I am loony.

"Hello?" she called in a soft voice. "Is there anyone out there?" She looked around again and again, but repeatedly saw nothing. Maybe the boys and girls found her, even in such a secretive place, and are playing a trick on her to hold her against. Maybe then they could feel that she's stupid, that their teacher is wrong and they're smarter than her.

"Yes, darling. I'm here. Look on the branch above your head, sweetheart." Madeline followed orders and saw a miniscule girl with wings and a slight green glow around her. Madeline remembered watching Peter Pan in kindergarden. The little person happened to look a lot like Tinkerbell, except rather that blonde hair in a bun, her hair was blowned and blew gently with the wind. Could her eyes be fooling her? Was that all a dream produced by her self conscious in attempt to make her feel less lonely and forgetten? It must be, she thought, for fairies don't exist.


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