Safe and sound (Sequel to the snake doesn't love the lion, a Hogwarts love story).

So, I'll continue writing this for ye guys. :)
Hope ye comment and stuff.. So ya. :D

Chapter 1

Summer was.. Bad while I was at my own house. My father refused any contact with me, which wasn't too bad, but yaxley came over he got me on my own.
"No one to help you now," he muttered to me. I shivered. I was scared. My mother was gone away to a shop and my father.. I didn't know where he was. I was alone with a man who tortured me. "What's wrong, girlie?" he asked as my lip trembled.
"Nothing," I whispered. He gave a dark chuckle. I tightened my grip on my wand inside my pocket. I took it out quickly and pointed it at yaxley who gave an evil smirk at me. "Yoy better stay away from me. I'm seventeen now!" I warned him. He just laughed at me.
It was my birthday yesterday. I received letters from Ron, Hermione, Harry... And even Fred and George. I was very grateful towards them all and couldn't wait to see them next week. Hopefully, sooner.
At that moment my dad came barging through the door muttering about a muggle that had been stupid enough to yell at him. I worried for the muggle. Was he alive? Had he killed a father? A brother? A son? My dater looked up and saw my wand pointed at yaxley who looked at me smugly.
"What are you doing-? Put that wand away!" my dad shouted at me.
"He was going to.. He was trying to-" but I couldn't speak. He had no wand in his hand. I had no proof he was going to torture me again. Or could he.. Of been planning to do something even more vile? I shuddered at the though.
"Go upstairs!" my father shouted. I gaped at him for a moment. I was speechless. He could of came home to me.. Dead. Or physically and emotionally hurt. He wouldn't listen to my story anyway. "NOW!" I tucked my wand in my pocket and ran up to my room, slamming the door as loudly as I could manage. My owl, Melody, hooted loudly as I interrupted her sleep. "Sorry," I muttered to the owl. I went over to my desk and looked at a letter that Ron had given me yesterday.

Dear Amelia,
How're you? Everything over here is fine. Happy birthday, by the way! You're seventeen now! Maybe you could aperate over to my place?
What did your mum say to you? What about your dad? Are they really angry? Mum can't wait to see you again. A few more days, Amelia. That's all. I wish I didn't have to leave once you've gone back to Hogwarts. Stay with Ginny though... And maybe Luna? Luna lovegood? You know her, right? She's a bit.. Looney.
I better go! I'll give you your birthday present when you come over. Hope you like it!
Lots of love,

I read the letter over and over again. It was my only bit of comfort here in this house. I've been very.. Flinchy since the war. I will hardly let anyone touch me. I don't want them to hurt me. I've often woke up in the middle of the night.. Sometimes screaming. I needed someone I trusted with me. Ron was that person. Only to my luck, I would be visiting The Malfoy's before I left for Ron's. I'd be visiting them tomorrow. I don't see why I was going, I wasn't much help to them. I sighed and took out my quill and a piece of paper.

Dear Ron,
I'm.. Okay. I'm scared. Yaxley is below, I think he was trying to hurt me. I can't wait to see you again.
I have to go to Draco's tomorrow.. Yay. I'll fill you out on more information afterwards, okay?
You didn't have to buy me a present. Thank you very much though. I know I'll love it already!

I folded the note and placed it on Melody's leg. She hooted, glad of something to do. I watched her fly off into the evenings purple sky. I looked down and saw Yaxley leaving our house. As soon as he was out of sight I ran down stairs.
"Who gave you permission to come back down?" My father said nastily. I glowered at him and got a drink from the fridge. "What were you doing to him anyway?" he asked me. I didn't say anything for a moment.
"He was going to hurt me," I muttered. I looked at him and e looked bewildered.
"How do you- what?" he asked me confused. I sighed and shookmy head. I tried to walk back up stairs but he stopped me. "You aren't going anywhere. What are you talking about?" my father demanded.
"I.. I thought he was going to hurt me," I confessed. I was starting to lose my own judgement of yaxley's move towards me.
"Why would you think that?" my father asked me.
"Because.. He's done it before!" I said before storming past him and running up to my room. I switched on the light as darkness had fallen. I think I was going insane. Was I? I felt a little light headed so I lay down on my bed, letting my mind wander. First it wandered to thoughts of me and Ron together. When we were in Hogwarts. And slowly it began to drif away from that and to the war. Yaxley torturing me. Then, to Voldemort laughing and Dumbledore who lay peacefully in his white tomb.
I woke with a fright. I hadn't even realized I had fallen asleep. It was completely black outside but my light was still on. I looked up at the clock on my wall and saw it was nearly two in the morning. For the rest of the night I couldn't sleep. I worried about going to the Malfoy's house in a few hours. How they would react to me. No doubt, they've been informed of my.. Doings. Or how my father put it.. 'traitor'. My stomach began to feel slightly sick at the thought. Lucius wasn't one to be so kind to people like to me. I wondered how Draco would react to my appearance.
It made me nervous. I was a traitor to them. Nothing more. Was it wrong though.. That I liked being a traitor to them?
Plus, I was fighting on the right side anyway.

Ya, first chapters always suck. Comment what you think. This is (Obviously) the sequel to the snake doesn't love the lion. I really hope you like it! So, I've had this draft saved for months. Two/three to be exact! Ya.. I'm a bit odd. Anyway, four comments please!?:)

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