Hope ~ A Sirius Black Love Story

Hope Marlow, Gryffindor, is sucked into the world of the Sirius Black when she trips him by accident and Sirius falls into the Black Lake. It is 5th year and love is starting to brew between an unlikely pair.

Chapter 1

Hope Marlow

It was a gorgeous day. At least Hope thought so.

"Eww! It is all muddy!" complained Ann Marie as they walked across the court yard.

"Deal with it." replied Hope. She stopped walking and looked at Ann Marie. "We're here. The place I told you that I saw a unicorn."

Ann Marie looked around. They were by the Black Lake. The familiar Hallow Tree stood great and tall hanging over the lake. On the other side of the lake stood the Forbidden Forest.

Hope pointed across the lake at a small beach. "Over there."

"I don't see anything unusual." said Ann Marie.

"Well, of course. It's gone now. I saw the unicorn on Friday." stated Hope.

Ann Marie looked around again, disliking everything. She was a simple girl who only enjoyed perfection and being clean. Not the best enviorment, thought Hope.

"I'm going back to the dorm." said Ann Marie, clearly tired of standing there.

"I'll be here for awhile." replied Hope. "Later." Ann Marie marched off toward the castle. As soon as she was out of sight Hope scuttled over to the Hallow Tree. She looked around one more time to make sure that no one was there, and then started to climb the tree. Hope had done this before and it made her feel like she was invincible.

She placed a simple balance charm on herself (so as not to fall), and stared off across the beautiful lake. Hope was about 40 feet in the air and saw things that could not have been see elsewhere. She saw the top of the Quidditch field, a special view of the Black Lake, and the cove where she had seen the unicorn.

Hope was patient and waited. The animal would show itself sooner or later. Also being atop that tree cleared her mind of all school troubles and stress. Hope could think clearly about what she was learning in the classes and who was bothering her that she needed to get back at.

"I'm telling you, Remus. The assignment means absolutly nothing. The professor is just testing us."

"Exactly, Sirius. Key word: TESTING US. T-E-S-T-I-N-G. If we work on it then we pass the test, if not, we fail."

Oh. Goodness me. Hope thought to herself. Not them. Not now!

Hope knew exactly who those two people were. She couldn't bare to think of them finding her special place. Quickly and quietly Hope dug through her school bag. It took a while, but she finally found her invisiblity cloak. She pulled it over her head and started the climb back down the tree.

"Sirius, I would rather that you care about your own work. I can turn in whatever I want." said Remus.

"Are you sure buddy? Well, just remember, I will always have your back." said Sirius in his simpathetic tone.

Ughh. What a suck up.

Remus walked away toward the castle. Her was muttering to himself the who time about how Sirius Black was such a con man.

Hope had reached the base of the tree. She started to walk briskly in the direction that Remus went. How in the world would she know that before she took four steps, she would run into a James Potter in his own invisibility cloak?

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