Stop It!!!!!!!! For Pete's Sake!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >:(

Please read below...

Chapter 1


Ok, first off, shout out to WhatIsLife and Krummblina, since they were the inspiration for this little rant. I am 100% on their side! :)

Look, I don't know what it is with putting other people down and making them feel bad! No one deserves that crap! You hear me? NO ONE
Why must negativity be the main thing expelled when someone voices their opinion or makes an error? No wonder this country is falling apart! WE NEED TO JUST SHUT OUR MOUTHS AND LISTEN TO WHAT OTHERS HAVE TO SAY!!!!
Now, Krummblina announced on a poll that she likes Pop, because the Beatles and One Direction fall into that category and she likes their music. Someone, and I'm not throwing names out, called her a derogatory term and shut her down. But, they didn't realize that what they said was completely out of line and, in a way, totally wrong. Beatles are both Pop and Rock!
Look y'all, Pop is really, how do I say this, Pop is basically a short term for "Popular Music". It's basically what's on the charts and what people are listening to on a daily basis. So, yes, Beatles are Pop, since they are still being listened to.
Guess what?! Everything that everyone listens to today could be considered as Pop!!! Geez, even music has its stereotypes!
What I'm trying to say is that we need to stop bringing each other down and start lifting one another up. I don't know about you, but I've been seeing a lot of stories on here about how people are gonna kill themselves or delete because someone said something rude or insulting. THIS IS QUIBBLO, NOT ATTACK CENTRAL! I came on this site to take and make quizzes, write stories, and make friends. It really hurts me to see people basically crying out to me, saying that they feel like dying! I don't want to see that!!! I just don't!

So, this is my rant, and plea, to those on Quibblo that will actually read this. If you see someone blasting another and not showing one ounce of kindness, call them out on it! Kill them with kindness!!!! And if you are the one out there bringing everyone down, calling out on people with such vulgarity and rudeness, I have one quote for you, sung by the "King of Rock" himself:

Thank you! :D And remember to love one another! :)


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