The Hugger Games

A nice, better "Hunger Games"

1. You can only step off of your disk after one minute. If you do step off before that, you may be blinded by sparkles and confetti.
2. Once you're hugged, you will be sent to live at the Capitol. If you don't obey, you'll be dragged away by mutts.
3. Preferably no killing.
4. Only one Victor! Victors will live for their rest of their lives in a sparkly house with their family. Free unicorn meat in the backyard.

Chapter 1

The objective of the Hugger Games is simple, hug everyone. If you got hugged, you were picked up and sent to live with the other losers of the Games, never to return home again. They were well looked after but being taken from home was hard on many of them. A president, many years ago, made up the Games as a joke, the Districts were trying to rebel from the power and control of the capitol. He wouldn't have a that. It really was for the districts own good that he controlled them... After cutting off District 13, the source of the greatest threat of the rebellion, and having them shunned, the first Games began. And they continued, once every year to remind the districts of the Capitol's power.


Seventy-five years later, twenty-four tributes stood on their platforms (one boy and one girl, aged between twelve and eighteen, from every district selected by lottery) waiting for the count down to end. They knew if the stepped off a rainbow of glitter and confetti would explode, and get in their eyes. That would hurt, or possibly even blind and all of them knew. Well it wouldn't hurt the male tribute from five because of his glasses, and the girl from 7 because of all the hair over her face... Never mind.

The arena was cold, very cold. It was quite strange considering that the tributes were dressed in short sleeved unitards, made of light material. It's like the Capitol want us to freeze thought Katniss Everdeen of 12 as she lifted her hands to catch the snow that was falling from what appeared to be clouds. The snow troubled the tributes; they would be so much easier to track.

Katniss heard the count down end and leaped off her platform. Running for the first pack she saw. She had to win, to bring money to her poverty stricken family. Her father died, in the coal mines, many years ago and her mother barely got by as a healer. Katniss wasn't doing it for her or her mother really, she was doing it for her sister, Primrose. Katniss always felt guilty that she wasn't as brave as her father, and that she would never crawl under the fence of District 12 and into the land owned by the Capitol, to try find food as she had done with her father. It was against the law to do so, and was too risky... It hurt Katniss to watch Prim Starving and thin. For that she blamed the Capitol. What hurt more was when the Hugger Games escort drew Prim's name at the reaping. Katniss knew there was no way tiny, little rim could win the Games, which meant she would never return, belong to the capitol. Bravely, Katniss yelled "I VOLUNTEER." after walking on to the stage, she threw up. Very embarrassing, but she was expecting it.

She had never been very brave, but she had to protect Prim, who knew what the Capitol would do to her, and with the Games came a slight chance of death. Starvation, dehydration, heat, cold, or another tribute could accidentally kill you, while trying to escape or catch you, but killing was frowned upon. The Hugger Games were meant for the Capitols enjoyment, not just punishment. And who in their right mind would enjoy a bunch of teens trying to kill each other?

On the training days, she was teased by the careers. They made gagging noises and broke into fits of laughter as she walked past. But her district partner, Peeta, was more bothered by it than her, he would yell and defend her as she kept walking.

Deep in thought as she ran from the cornucopia, Katniss didn't notice a particularly large tribute bounding towards her, arms out stretched. The Tribute almost had her too, but she was saved be a small career that darted quickly between them and wrapping her arms around the tribute before running after Katniss. Katniss was much faster and out-ran her by far, straight towards the forest of trees.

The trees were strangely green, bright and full of life like it wasn't snowing, but sunny and warm. Strange... But good for cover thought Katniss, as she climbed a thick tree, with no branches for a few meters and strange giant leaves. At the top, she paused to rest and check her pack. Rope and an empty canteen. No food, nothing to keep her warm. Great. At least she had her outdoor skills. She looked around, she was high enough not to be seen from below, and deep enough in the forest but she attempted to jump between trees for a while so that her foot-steps would not be followed. It tired her quickly and she was forced to stop for the night because of the creeping darkness that had began covering the arena. Pulling some leaves down from branches above her, she covered herself, trying to keep heat in.

She heard people running below, and sucked in a breath. She heard screaming and the sound of someone being dragged away, screaming, by the mutations designed to pull the Hugged to the pick up zone, were they were looked after and taken away from the arena, to go to their new home.

That home was some where Katniss never wanted to go, she had to win and go to her real home to look after Prim with all the money she would receive from the Capitol.

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