You've Got That One Thing (One Direction)

My group story with TeeheeImaHipster.

Chapter 2

Mayley's POV

Name: Marley (Named after Bob Marley) Dover
Age: 19
Personality: Obnoxious, defiant, unique, funny in a sarcastic way, rebellious
Crush: Louis :3


"Watch it!" I'm called to as I walk down the boardwalk. I turn and flip the bird on the idiot. It's a boardwalk, not your own personnel skate park!
"Wow someones in a happy mood today" That's my best friend Nicolette. I consider her my twin as she lives with me after me mom and dad adopted her from Africa.
"Shut up" I say rolling my eyes.
"No I'm serious! I'm surprsied you didn't chase the guy down!" She says laughing. We link arms and stroll down the California boarwalks.
"You have to re-do the blue, it's coming out" She informs examining my bright blue tips.
"Yeah I saw..." I mumble continuing to walk in perfect serentity.
"Hey look, moving trucks!" She sas pointing to just that infront of a nice beach house.
"Wanna go examine?" She says viscously. When she says 'examine' she means, 'Steal anything we can get our hands on' I smirk but shake my head quickly. Avoiding the call of the easy target.
"There's a chick... She looks our age" Nici says as the curious girl she is.
"Curiousity killed the cat" I sing under my breathe.
"Yeah good thing I'm not a cat" She replies peeking to see more.
"So, you see One Direction's fillming their video down the beach from us" NIci says as though she's been waiting to for a while.
"Oh gosh... Models, a boy band, anxious managers?! It's like prankster heaven!" I cry dramatically. We laugh evilly and walk all the way home.

Do I want to be a screw up the rest my life? Of coarse not, I mean who would. I want to travel the world really. I love to drum, though that couldnt' get me anywhere without a bad. I love evnglish, though I couldn't teah. I could sing, but I wasn't great. I love to draw.... Hey, I love to write.

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