If I was your Boyfriend (One Direction)

If I was your Boyfriend (One Direction)

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Chapter 1

Characters and Backstage passes

Name: Cassie Sheeran
Age: 17
Past: Had a hard life, not many friends, has no dad, mum goes away alot Brother is Ed Sheeran
Looks: http://weheartit.com/entry/20888294
Personality: Loves music, always stays positive, loud, loves to laugh, hungry,funny
Celeb Crush: Niall
Likes: Food, Ed Sheeran (Ovbs!) One Direction, The Big Bang Theroy, Sheldon Cooper, Drawing, Singing and writing.
Dislikes: Bullies, People who offend her and her brothers music, Rebecca Black (No offense if you like her!)
She is an actress!

Character: Aubrey McPherrson
Nicknames: Bre, Aussie (long story -.-)
Family: No Mom, Father, Older Brother
Personality: Shy, Quiet, Soft Spoken, Funny
Likes: Singing, Reading, Traveling, Photography (Mainly of People)
Crush: Zayn Malik

##############Cassie's POV###############
"Oh come on Bre!" I complained as she was walking at a snails pace.
"Relax Cas we've got passes!"
"Oh yeah! But come on! My brothers concert is about to start!" well it wasn't really my brothers concert he shared it with other acts. I looked at what I was wearing (http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=46959143) Not bad. "COME ON!" I said running onwards, I colided with a body, "Whoops! Sorry!" I said picking him up, "I'm a terrible clutz!"
"Its cool!" He said. "Harry Styles" He said sticking his hand out
"Cassie Sheeran, have you seen my brother?"
"Err sorry no, and I should have told you were a Sheeran"
"What why?" He pointed my head. "Oh yeah! anyway where you stating he might be near you!" Just then Bre ran up, panting.
"God! Cas slow down!" She said putting her hand on my shoulder. I coughed
"Oh my god sorry! Aubrey McPherrson and your Harry Styles!" She let out a squeal. Oh god."Yeah we were about to go..."
"Oh yes! Lets go find your brother!!" He said, then I just blurted out
"You've got a very deep voice!" Opps, he chuckled
"You like it? Its made to sudece pretty young things like yourself." he said wiggerling his eyebrows." Yeah mate like you've got a chance! I do like curly hair, but my brother wants me to date an Irishman or a ginger man, coz aperrently if their Irish they are must have ginger blood in them! And well were trying to keep ginger population up!" I said cleverly, is that a word, anyway he retorted with,
"My grandad was kinda ginger." I laughed but then I noticed Bre had wondered off.
"Have you seen Bre?" He shook his head "Oh well she'll come back when shes hungry! Soo one direction, how do you cope with all the female attention?" I asked smirking at the end.
"Its awesome!" He says.
"so I heard you like older women cough Caroline Flack Cough sorry!" He glared at me then puched me in the arm playfully.
"Yeah whatever, so do you want my number? Coz I know you do!" He said grinning cheekily.
"You know I do baby!" I said "But first I get to meet your band! Deal and I'll give you mine!" I said winking.
"Its a deal, doll!" He grabbed my hand and pulled me to his dressing room. He knocked on the door and asked "Are we all decent?" A chourus of yes's came from the room. We walked in and saw a nude Louis on the sofa. I burst out laughing and started lets say ROFLing. "Hazza, who is she?"
"My new friend, Lou go put some cloths on!" He said chuckling. God I'm here laughing on the floor in front of one of the biggest boybands ever.
"Is she ok?" Liam asked.
"Is...she..OK?" I repeted and started laughing again. I got a call. My ringtone went off, Justin Beiber Boyfriend. Oh poo! Eddie! "Hey!" I said trying to stop laughing
"Where are you Cassie!"
"With One direction!" I burst out laughing again.
"Are you ok?"
"Yes Eddie see you on stage soon! Kisses!"
"See ya!" He said.
"You like Justin Beiber!" Niall asked
"Well thats my fave song by him! Now Harry as our deal required heres my number, now yours?"
"Here you go!" I set it on my contact to Call Me, Maybe?
"I hope you do call me, Miss.Sheeran!"
"Oh I will Mr.Styles!" I said.
"Wait your a Sheeran?" Zayn asked, aww sweet!
"Yep! Now I bid you adue!" I left them and as I walked out the door and heard them shouting at Harry to give them the number. I walked on stage and played with my brother. My evening was perfect!!

Hope you guys liked this first chapter! Mrs_Niall_James_Horan your turn!! If you dont have any ideas just inbox me! xoxox

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