Tomorrow Never Knows

They say its your birthday! Lizzie! Happy Birthday!
this is a story I wrote (I'm writing) for Lizzie (Dizzy_Miss_Lizzy) as a Birthday present! '
she's one of my best friends and she's awesome!
I hope you (Lizzie) and you (others) like this!
note. its kind of different from the other stories I wrote, because its third person and its more detaily, well I just hope you like it:X

Chapter 1

Mozart's Watch

It was one of those Beautiful days of April, but today was abit different for Lizzie that other April days, today was 10th April, Lizzie's Birthday and she turned 20.
"what a day" she whispered to herself remembering everything happened today, it was almost time to sleep and she couldn't sleep because she had too much coffee with her Birthday cake, she took a quick look at Trixie, even she was sleep and there was no barking,she moved abit in her bed, not working, she couldn’t sleep.
she decided to check her Quibblo but she noticed her cell phone's light, who would call her 12 AM?
Lizzie ran to her cell phone
"Hi lizzie, its me!" a excited voice said
"Matt!" Lizzie shouted so loud that Trixie got up and started to bark
"Matt? How are you?" she said very excited to hear his voice again, its been like 1 month she hadn't heard from him, Matt was one of Lizzie’s best friends, he was like her brother, their friendship started when some bunch of guys were bothering Matt and making fun of him, he was abit nerdy, Lizzie saved him that day and that’s how their friendship started
Matt always said I wish I could make up to all you did for me, he was kind of a loner and no one wanted to be friend with him since they think he was weird, he was too much into science fiction stuff, Lizzie always say he is a genius in physics, and to be honest, he was more than that
"I'm so sorry I’m calling so late" Matt said, you could say he had a hard day from his voice
"not at all! You called anyway" Lizzie said she was smiling, to be honest she was waiting for his call today but she given up hoping when the clock passed 10
"listen Lizzie I know its late but can I come in? I've been working on your gift it just got finished" Matt said with an embarrassed voice
"come in?? where are you?? here?"
"come on in!" Lizzie said excited, then she thought with herself for a second
"wait, I have to open the door first!" she said and she ran to the door, trying to keep it down so her parents don't get up
She saw Matt behind the door having something in his hand, he looked more messy than always, uncombed hair, big glasses, weird clothes, all that aside, the gift in his hand aside, a box that was wrapped up so weirdly, but still interesting
"come on in" Lizzie said, Matt followed her. They went straight to her room.
Matt sat and gave the gift to her, last year he made her a small rabbit robot
"wow, what a beautiful… thing" Lizzie smiled, thought it was just a décor box, she put it on her desk
"Actually, you have to open it" Matt said with a crook smile
"oh" Lizzie said, got the box in his hand again and tried to open it but she couldn't
"here, like this" Matt said and opened it for her, it had a hidden bottom on it, Lizzie got the gift and she was mesmerized, it was a golden pocket watch, a unique one, like one of those old beautiful watches that belong to Luis 16th or something
"this is Mozart's watch" Matt said, his face was so calm and there were no sign of teasing
"what?" Lizzie said she couldn't believe what she heard.
"this watch belongs to Amadeus Mozart" Matt said with a serious face, and Lizzie just looked at him with eyes wide open
"the pianist?" Lizzie asked with an opened mouth
"no, the drummer!" Matt teased, Lizzie couldn't laugh at his comment, she was too amazed scrutinizing her beautiful Mozart pocket watch
"Oh My God!!! Matt!" Lizzie said, Trixie started to bark again
"I don't know what to say, thanks! You didn’t have to do this, wow it must be really expensive" Lizzie said fast then she catched her breath
"I mean really it is just so beautiful and…" she was saying but Matt interrupted her
"wait, that's not all about this watch" Matt said looking in Lizzie’s eyes
"its not?" Lizzie said, Matt said no with moving his head
"like it belonged to Beethoven too?" Lizzie joked
"listen Lizzie, you're the best friend I ever had, you’re the only friend I have, you’re like my sister, and I tried so hard to make this for you" Matt said with his bright eyes looking in Lizzies
"made it? How did you ‘made' the Mozart’s watch?" Lizzie was wondering
"its not like that, I made some change in it" Matt said, Lizzie look at the back of the watch to find something like ‘From Matt To Lizzie, BFF' thing but there was nothing.
"where did you get a Mozart watch anyway? Didn't it cost you so much?" Lizzie said looking up and down at the watch.
"he gave it to me himself" Matt said with no humor in his voice, Lizzie instantly looked up
"what?" she said, Matt was always the kind of mysterious quiet guys that couldn't get that much from him but he never said anything weird like that
"Lizzie, with this watch…" Matt got the watch in his hand
"you can time travel" He said, then he smiled widely as Lizzie's face expression was so funny.
"No way!" Lizzie said with the marvel still on her face
"Im serious Lizzie, I made it so you can go to the 60s and go to a Beatles concert or something, I tested it so many times, it works properly" Matt said
"Matt, you better explain to me what you're saying because I don’t understand a word!" Lizzie said waiting for Matt to explain
"well I made a time travel watch, a watch you can time travel with, and its for you" Matt said observing Lizzie's face carefully, Lizzie just looked at him waiting to him to say Hahaha I’m joking! But he didn’t
"Aaah you're actually serious" Lizzie said couldn’t believe that she believed him, but sometimes they are things that no matter how unbelievable they are, you believe it because you want to believe it, and this was one of those times for Lizzie
"yes I am" Matt smiled, happy that convinced Lizzie so quickly, she always was the one who wouldn't think he was crazy when he told her his ideas about parallel worlds and time and Einstein theories.
"but how? Technically, how?" Lizzie said looking at the golden watch shining temptingly
"you wouldn't understand" Matt said with a smug smile
"try me!" Lizzie said serious, this wasn't like the times Matt say something about an Einstein’s theory and Lizzie jokes about it, this time Lizzie wanted to know what was really going on, she needed a better proof to believe this was real
"well, you know some people believe that time doesn't exist, technically they’re right"
"if something doesn't exist how you can travel in it?"
"good question, when we're travelling in time, we’re not actually travelling in time because there is no time, we are just travelling"
"I don't get it"
"look, when something happens, like my move my hand like this, or take off my glasses, how much time does it take?"
"um, 5 seconds?"
"yes, you see time is what we measure for acts for whatever that happens, it take 5 seconds I take off my glasses, and it takes 24 hours that the earth turn around it self, it takes 365 days that earth turn around sun, you see? There is no time, its just acts its just incidents" the explanation reminded Lizzie of her boring physic teacher, but this time she understood it very well
"yeah, so?"
"so what do we need to time travel is, reverse, not the time because there is no time, reverse the incidents, and that is so technical and you wouldn't understand a thing" Matt said like an arrogant best student in the class
"go on I wanna hear it"
"what I did was, literally, reverse the movement of the earth for a half second, then I had the control of time like a remote control, I took so much energy from the reverse, I put it in a glass, then I worked on it and turned to a computer program, then I start travelling with it, first I was afraid of brain damages because I had headaches, but I talked to Albert about this and he thinks its normal"
"who's Albert?" Lizzie said wondering, Matt never mentioned he has any friends, never mentioned any Albert..
"oh" Lizzie said and Matt smiled, feeling confidence about mentioning his new friend
"wait, I don't it get it, how did you ‘reverse’ the earth?" Lizzie said confused
"you really wanna know?"
"give me a pen and a paper"
Lizzie got one of her notebooks and a pen and gave it to Matt, Matt started to write physics formulas, he wrote and wrote and wrote for 5 minutes and it took 2 pages
"well, is it going anywhere? Cause I got bored" Lizzie said looking at the physic formulas full of x and y and numbers and sinuses and co-sinuses and stuff
"Look, you see this circle?"
Its earth, so with my calculation I found out that the earth's power is all combined here" he put his hand on some part the circle
"this is in Alp, and right here, the sun is shining at 36 degree, so I used the sun's energy, I saved it on my sun batteries and used the energy to reverse the earth"
"no one noticed?"
"not ordinary people, but NASA noticed, they thought it was just an inner activity of earth"
Lizzie was more confused than the start, she didn't know what to do, it sounded logical, all Matt said but…
"Now Lizzie, this is yours, you can go any time you want" Matt said with a secure look
Lizzie thought with herself, she thought of the 60s, she thought of The Beatles and how much she loved them, no one get a chance like this, she recalled how much she loves adventure, now something hit her as she looked at a Beatles poster on her wall, she loves adventure, and this could be fun
"lets go to 60s!" Lizzie said, excited
"okay Lizzie, listen, first you're not gonna end up in Beatles drawer or first row in Ed Sullivan show like you read to me in those stories, you have to buy tickets, go to a concert, and Beatles are not gonna catch the sight of you, you’ll be an ordinary girl like hundreds, and you can’t stay more than one month in one time"
"why not?" Lizzie said disappointed
"overstaying causes time problems, because I reversed the earth for just half second and the most I could get of it was one month, so enjoy"
"what would happen if I over stay?"
"at the best, you could never come back"
"and at the worst?" a silence took place for some seconds
"I don't really know" Matt finally said
"so lets go" Lizzie smiled
"you can't go like that, its so awkward" Matt commented on Lizzie’s T-shirt, Lizzie took a look at Matt’s weird clothe that seems like he borrowed it from his grandfather and he was calling her clothe awkward!
"you're right, I pick a dress" Lizzie said running to her closet
"pick something more 60s"
"this?" Lizzie got a black short dress out of the closet
"I said more ‘sixties' not more ‘sexy’" Matt teased
"how about this one?" A red luxury dress
"look Lizzie, you're not gonna appear in The Oscars as Marlon Brando’s girlfriend so No"
"this one?" A beautiful light purple that looked like the 60s dresses
"yes, that's casual and pretty"
"and about where you appear, anything is possible, you might find yourself in a lion cage or in the middle of the ocean, this is important, you can't time travel again unless 3 minutes pass, got it?"
"why not? What'll happen?" Lizzie sound scared
"you get lost in time and the watch may don't work no more, you may end up in 1940s and join the Nazis" Matt said sneering
"I wouldn't join the Nazis!" Lizzie said putting on some make up
"who knows Lizzie? Just dont marry Napoleon Bonaparte, he would cheat on you" Matt joked “
"I won't don’t worry" “
"wait can I tell my Quibblo friends?"
"You better not"
"and when I'll be back?, I mean, this night? Here?"
"no unfortunately its not like that, the time you use there,well there's no time, so how many acts you do, its like you did it here so you’ll be gone for days"
"oh, what am I gonna tell my parents?"
"that's up to you" Matt shrugged with a cute smile, he got no parents and live alone so doesn’t know this sort of stuff
Lizzie got some paper in started to write a not
Hi mom, I'll be gone for some days, please don’t get mad, Matt was in rough situation and he needed my help, I promise to be back soon
Love you
"that sounds logical" Matt said looking at the note
"well I couldn't say ‘hi mom I’m time travelling to see the Beatles, see you in one week Love you, could I?’"
"can you look after Trixie and Blue?"
"um, you know Im not good with the dogs" Matt said with an awkward face expression looking at Trixie, Trixie barked at him
"alright, well my sister look after them"
"and Lizzie you need some money, to pay for hotel and food and all"
"I know, already got it" Lizzie showed her purse
"put it in your pocket you're not able to take that with you"
"alright, so lets go now?" Lizzie said pretty excited
"um Lizzie"
"its only you going, it carries only one person"
"oh, but…"
"yeah you're on your own"
"fine" Lizzie said abit disappointed, all the problems that might happen ran to her head, lion cage, Napoleon Bonaparte.. but she couldn't care less! She was going to The Beatles time!
"now pick a year"
"um, 1964" Lizzie said randomly, she loved the young Beatles and that was the best time to go
"good, listen, every second you hold this it takes you 10 years back, don't worry I manage it to be hold exact time to take you to 1964, just let the bottom go exactly when you heard a click okay? I don’t know where it takes you, all I know is you’ll be around not so far, not Texas maybe, but still America" Matt said doing something with the watch
"alright got it"
"oh before you go, on this paper, I explained everything, when you want to come back read this carefully, I explained how you can use your watch to come back, and another important thing Lizzie.." Matt gave the paper to Lizzie and she put it in her other pocket.
"there is a low possibility that you end up in a parallel world"
Whats that?" Lizzie asked, tired of all boring physic theories
"there are a lot of other worlds, parallel worlds, its just like our world but with a bit of difference, like Michael Jackson was a politician or I was never born or George Clooney was a movie star…"
"George Clooney ‘is' a movie star" Lizzie corrected him
"right, okay this important Lizzie, if you end up in a parallel world, its really dangerous, first of all we should not make any change in parallel worlds…"
"why not?" Lizzie asked curious
"and second…" Matt just decided not to answer her question
"it takes a lot of energy to hold you there so any longer you stay more power it uses, so you stay one week in a parallel world and you can never come back, there will be no more energy to take you back to your own world" Matt said looking carefully in Lizzie's eyes to make sure she understood everything
"how do I know it's a parallel world?"
"its usually obvious with remarkable changes, like the president is someone else, Elvis Presley was never born, changes like that, you would notice it, and when you did, you have to come back instantly or you would never be able to leave, its like 5 percent possibility its very unlikely that it happens, I never succeeded to travel to a parallel world" Matt said with regret in his voice.

"So you ready?"
"thanks Matt" Lizzie smiled widely
"Happy Birthday Lizzie" Matt put the golden watch in her hand, Lizzie pressed the bottom on top, before she press that bottom, everything they were talk about was nonsense, like a lame joke, but now she could feel a lot of pressure on her, made her realize it was real, she was time travelling to 1964, her heart beat became faster and faster, she was scared but something inside was telling her everything was going to be fine, she couldn't see anything anymore, she couldn’t think, it was like one of those nightmares that you can’t move and you can’t breathe and all you want to do is wake up, click, Lizzie let go the bottom, the pressure was gone but it was like worse pressure running to her after that, she could feel adrenaline running to her veins, she could feel wind , like it was attacking her, she could feel speed, she could hear the noise of something like an engine running, and speed again and wind again, and she opened her eyes.

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