All My Loving (Paul McCartney Fanfic)

~This story is dedicated to MsBeatleGirl~

The setting is 1963 in New York City

Please enjoy(: And I did not make up the chapter names, by the way.

Chapter 1

That one boy, Paul

by: Roger_
SMACK! I felt a sudden strike on my bottom and I instantly woke up from my deep slumber. Standing above me was my older sister, Valleri with her hand up in the air. "I called you five times already Emily!" She yelled. "Were going to be late for ballet. Get up." I rubbed my throbbing butt cheek as I rolled out of bed and over to my small closet in our apartment to get ready. One of the worst things about being a ballet student, is that you have to wake up earlier than the sun rises, and practically go home after the sun sets. And what makes it worst is that I have to live with my less than nice older sister in a small two bedroom apartment in New York City, so I have to go every single day. Some people might consider that lucky, because I don't have to live with my parents, but I would give anything to live on my own.

"Hurry, Emily! Class starts in 15 minutes!" Valleri shouted at me from the front door. I quickly grabbed my winter coat and hat, my bag, then a few pins to keep my long black hair in a bun.

"Okay, okay! I'm ready." I grunted and gave Valleri an unpleasant sneer. "My butt still hurts from that smack, Valleri." She laughed and smacked me on my bottom again, then we headed out onto the snowy streets of NYC.

The whole 10 minute walk to the dance studio downtown was filled with Valleri complaining on how much she hates that I can't wake up early enough and that I would never get anywhere in life if I kept doing it. This rant of hers was nothing new. Everyday she would complain like this, it was like she didn't even want me in her life. And I didn't need her anyways! I'm 16 and I think I can take care of myself I thought.

When we got to the studio, all the other girls were already half way inbetween their warm-up stretches. The teacher, Mrs. Wurman, glared at us as we quietly came in with snow all over us, causing the wooden floor to be soaking wet. "Your late, Miss Taylor," She whispered when I walked by her and into my spot in line. Valleri tried to explain why we were late, but Mrs. Wurman cut her off. "I don't want to hear it, Miss Morris!" she shouted (Valleri is my step sister for the record). When I join the other girls, they all started to snicker and make their usual hurtful jokes about me.

After we all finished the stretches, Mrs. Wurman started to explain something about our next recital coming up soon. Because of my short attention span, I started to focus on things outside the studio windows. A group of four boys passed by the window in suits, but then came back when they noticed I was looking at them. "Emily!" Valleri snapped her finger in my face and turned my head towards her. "pay attention. It's bad enough that we were late today!" Ignoring her remark, I turned my attention back to the four boys and noticed one of them were pointing at me and smiling. He had kind of cubby cheeks, but he wasn't near fat, and he had big droopy eyes that I could just stare at all day. He gave me a noticeable wink then twirled his long fingers at me. "Hi." He mouthed. I quickly checked myself out in the studio mirror to make sure that I looked okay, then smiled back at the handsome boy.

"Miss. Taylor!!" Mrs. Wurman snapped at me. I slightly jumped and tried to look like I was really paying attention to what she was saying. "Perhaps you don't belong here since your more interested in what's going on outside my studio!"

"No, Mrs. Wurman! I do belong here!" I protested. Again, the rest of the girls snickered and made immature faces at me. "It's just that I...uhm..." The bell that was by the studio door rang, and in came the four boys that were standing outside the window. Suddenly the room became more quieter than it already was and everyone gazed at the boys.

"Oh my." Mrs. Wurman gasped. "you''re!!" All the girls, excluding my sister, started to smile and giggle like little kids.

"Yes, we know," The boy who waved at me spoke in a voice that was deep and very smooth like butter. "we were just wondering if we could mabey just sit in and watch for a few moments. If you don't mind, I mean." The whole time he was talking, he was looking directly at me and my semi-chunky body.

"Of course! Anything for..." Mrs. Wurman started out, but the girls all finished her sentence with a swoon. "the Beatles!" They said in unison. The four boys (apparently named the 'Beatles') happily sat down on a bench in the corner of the studio.


After Mrs. Wurman and the whole class settled down, we began run through of the recital. As I waited for my cue in the corner of the studio, I saw that one boy checking me out again. I smiled at him nervously and tried my best to look as sexy as I could be. Mabey if I just tuck a strand of hair behind my ear, I thought. wait my hairs in a bun! I'll just take it down, then. When I started to unravel my bun, Mrs. Wurman started to yell at me again. "Miss Taylor, you missed your cue!" She shouted. With my hair down in my face, I quickly leaped my way across the studio to where I was supposed to be a minute ago. Little did I know that there was still water on the floor from when I came in. Before I could do my pirouette, I landed in the huge puddle and fell right on my hip. The whole studio gasped and stood still, covering their mouths.

"Are you okay, love?" I heard one of the boys say. Everyone crowded around me like a swarm of bees then helped me up.

"Yeah, I'm fine...I'm," I moved my hair from my eyes and saw the most beautiful face I probably had ever seen. The boy who was checking me out looked better up close. He was so close to me that I could feel his warm breath tickle my face in a weird way. "Fine." I whispered with a nervous smile. We both stood there, looking into each other eyes for a long time, then Valleri broke everything up.

"Alright, alright!" She hollered. "Lets get back to rehearsing!" Valleri pushed me back away from the guy and into the corner where I originally was. The run through started all over again, and this time I didn't miss my cue, but I did keep my eyes on the boy. Every once in awhile he would wink his big brown eye at me and smile.


Class was cut short, due to an incoming blizzard. "All right girls, looks like our recital will still be on Saturday! Be there two hours early!" Mrs. Wurman said, and with that, class was finally over and everyone exited the studio exsept for me, Val, and the four boys.

"Time to go guys. We have to get home!" Valleti shouted at them. Everyone started towards the door, but the boy who was flirting with me grabbed my wrist and held me back.

"I must ask you your name, love." He said in a perfect English accent. I looked down at my hand, then back at the boy and smiled.

"Emily," I said politely. "Emily Taylor. And you?"

"Paul McCartney. Pleased to met you." Without taking his eyes off of me, he raised up my hand and lightly kissed it, which sent chills throughout my whole body. "And that's a very lovely name you've got. I'd love to take you to get a coffee or something. Considering the weathers not so well today!"

I was completely speechless. All I could sputter out was "sure!". Paul let go of my hand, then linked his arm inbetween mine. "Then we're off." He said and lead me to the door. Valleri stood outside with her hands on her hips, carrying my bag and my jacket.

"And where do you think your going?!" She yelled over the strong winds that blew snow into our faces. I put my coat on then linked back to Paul, who was smiling exsessaively at me.

"I'm going out with Paul!" I laughed. "I'll be back whenever!" Paul and I left Val standing out in the cold, with his friends following behind us.

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