What Beatle Girl am I???

Special thanks to CamillaMcCartneyHarrison for this quiz thingy!

Chapter 1

Beatle Girls

Which Beatles Girl are You?


I dye my hair [ ]
I'm a little shy [x]
I'm loyal [x]
I consider myself to be unlucky yet lucky at the same time [ ]
I have been through tough times [x]
Art is my talent [x]
Family is hugely important to me [x]

Total - 5


I spend a lot of time keeping my hair looking stunning [X]
I'm quite posh [ ]
I'm outgoing and friendly [ ]
I'm an inspiration to someone [ ]
I am strong and have had an exciting life [ ]
I'm interested in fashion [X]
I love photography [X]

Total - 3


I have naturally red hair [ ]
I love acting [X]
I'm kind and considerate [x]
I love cooking [X]
I love appreciate music, art and performance [x]
I am not a gossip [x]
I look better when I look more natural [x]

Total - 6


My hair is dark and straight [ ] My hair is curlier than Bob Dylan's!
I'm just a sweet, normal girl [ ]
I have good luck []
I'm a dedicated fan [x]
I am modest [x]
My eyes are one of my best features [x]
I love hairstyling and make-up [x]

Total - 4

RESULT = Jane Asher


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