I'm A Believer

Ipod Repost thingy!!!!!! XD

Chapter 1


What does next year have in store for me?
Back In the USSR- The Beatles (am I going to Russia?)

What does your love life look like?
Ziggy Stardust- David Bowie no offense, but I really wouldn't want to fall in love with Ziggy....

What do I say when life gets hard?
It's Only Love- the Beatles umm...

What song will I dance to at my wedding?
Let's Spend the Night Together- the Rolling Stones whoa there!

What do you want as a career?
American Girl- Tom Petty okay, got that down!

Your favorite saying?
Nothing But The Wheel- Peter Wolf

What do you think of your parents?
You Just May Be The One- the Monkees um, okay, as long as it's not in a weird way!

Where would you go on a first date?
Nobody Told Me- John Lennon kay, so I don't where I'm going then!

Drug of choice?
Your Eyes Open- Keane

Describe yourself.
Just What I Needed- the Cars well that's a little arrogant!

What is the thing I like doing most?
Flying- the Beatles okay, that's the only one that makes ANY sense!

The song that best describes the president?
My Life Would Suck Without You- Kelly Clarkson Um, no offense to anyone, but I think it should be like the total opposite of that....

How will I die?
Imagine- John Lennon Fun! I get to dream of ways I'll die!

The song that will be played at your funeral?
P.S. I Love You- the Beatles Awww.... ;)

The song you'll put as the subject?
I'm A Believer- the Monkees I think that'll be a little misleading...was it?! XD


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