The 10th Hunger Games~ When Wizardry got involved~ A Harry Potter Fanfiction in a Hunger Games World

Chapter 1

Wizardry and Witchcraft is exposed

Rons POV
"EXPELLIARMOUS!" Ron shouted, disarming a gnome with a fake wand. He was showing Hugo his defensive magic because hugo was jealous of Rose because she was at Hogwarts. The gnome sweared in reply for being disarmed.

"AHA!!!!!" shouted a strange voice. A man, most likely a muggle, wearing an official looking suit popped out behing the fence along with several other official looking men. Did those muggles see him? Do they know about magic? If they didn't , he would be in BIG trouble.

"you are a wizard!" he studdered, looking bewildered. he turned to one of his colloques and said,
"I guess Malfoy was right, there are such things as wizardry and witchcraft!"

Malfoy? What was that stupid git up to now?

"what! I am not a wizard!" Ron said defiantly. He knew they saw him do magic, but might as well deny it, and pretend they are going crazy or something. But the men saw the magic, they weren't going to deny they saw it.

"then what's in your hand?" the man asked, knowing Ron was lying.

he didnt know what to say back, when one of the mans colloques came up and tried to wrestle with him for his wand, but unfortunately, even though Ron was strong, the man was stronger and got wrestled the wand out of his fingers.

He was doomed. He just exposed magic.

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