Confessions of A Hunger Games Fan (chain story): The Ultimate Hunger Games Fans

Confessions of A Hunger Games Fan (chain story): The Ultimate Hunger Games Fans

This is the first ever book about experiences and confessions of a Hunger Games fan!!! this is a chain story so you can write about your confessions, experiences, etc. Just comment below or message me saying you'd like to write the next chapter! if you write a chapter, write your name in it so we know who that chapter is coming from. Happy Fan-girling- I mean Hunger Games! Thanks!

Chapter 1

TheItalianMockingjayRebel: I'm Obsessed with the Hunger Games, and I'm Proud of it!

My "katniss braid" is neatly braided down by back and my Mockingjay T-shirt is on. I grab my Mockingjay pin and place it over my heart. As I'm about to head out the door, I put on my "Katniss leather jacket," and lace up my "Katniss hunting boots." I couldn't get any more hunger games crazy.

When I get to my assigned movie theatre, theatre 7 (my lucky number), I sit down shaking. The theatre is full with other Hunger Gamers, screaming for the movie to start. They're just as anxious as I am.
I can't help but pity those who had come later, and couldn't find seats. I had the perfect seat though. Just close enough to the screen. I am ready for the Hunger Games.

I feel a rush of exitement race through me and a shiver crawls down my spine. My eyes widen and hands tremble. I clutch my Mockingjay pin for support. Oh. my. Mockingjay. It's starting.
The movie is rated 5 stars, no kidding!! Oh, my Mockingjay, but, now my hunger for the next movie, Catching Fire is bigger than ever! My heart won't be to take it. November 23, 2013!!! I can't wait that long!
A few weeks later, I'm rummaging through the mall when I see the most beautiful things on this planet...cardboard cut-outs of Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark!!
"Oh. My. Mockingjay!!!" I shriek! I'm the first one to take a picture with the two of them. These pictures are definately getting framed.
I relate EVERYTHING to the Hunger Games. Not even kidding. like micaeljacksonChik I laugh at things like people with heavy makeup (Capitol people), words like marvelous, etc. The Hunger Games is practically part of my life!!! I make jokes about the hunger games like everday. And after I say the joke, the person i said it to looks at me strangely and I say," OHHHH, Hunger Game humour, Hunger games Homour!!" neighing like a horse.
My Hunger Games Confessions:

1. I am Team Peeta!
2. I think Liam H. plays a wonderful Gale, I just hate Gale as a character. (he's soooo not interesting and is so dumb sometimes)
3. I cried when Rue, Cato, Clove, Foxface, Glimmer, etc. died in the movie!! sobs
4. I am a sworn Hunger Games Fan...
5. I recite HG quotes while in class or doing homework.
6. I say "Oh my Mockingjay!" way to many times throughout the day.
7. I like to say,"OHH, Hunger games homour, Hunger Games homour!!" After an HG joke of mine.
8. On Easter, when I was at church, i saw this guy that freakishly looked like Seneca Crane and went blabbering about that he might be his evil twin for the rest of the day!
9. i have comletely memorized the WHOLE song from the Hillywood show the Hunger games parody!! i sing it 24/7 now!!
"No one Ugly allowed!" -Ceaser Flickerman
10. i am currently writing to jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, and Suzanne Collins. message me if you'd like their fan mail adress!
11. I am currently drawing Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence) in pencil (I'll post it when its done!) And I hope to draw all the characters (Cato, Clove, Cinna, Foxface, etc.) and make an online exhibit on Quibblo!
12. The only thing I wasn't to crazy about in the HG movie was that they left out Madge. The movie was still good, but honestly, I think Taylor Swift should have been Madge!

Oh, my Mockingjay! Share your memories, expeiences, and confessions fellow HG fans. just comment below or message me a request so i can send you an invitation for the next chapter. May the odds be ever in your favor and Happy hunger games! Thanks for reading my chapter!

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