!SAD STORY! Abuse and one brave little girl

Being scared for life, she cannot run, cannot hide. Explore one little girls world, adn how bravery saved her life.

Chapter 1

What life was like with Mel

Mel was my sister. She was only 15 years old when she died. When I was 6 years old, Mel was taken into the basement by Poppa and Momma. All I heard were the shrill screams of nine year old Mel. They dragged the nearly lifeless body to its room and locked it. She was in there for 3 days before I saw her again. The glimpse of her instantly scared me. She was extremely skinny and her voice was very hoarse. I first ran away from her, but she gathered me into her arms and told me this
''Momma got the whip first, and by then I knew I might not make it, Poppa punched me in the mouth and blood ran down my knew white shirt. The cut my arm and whipped me with the whip. They spoke of shooting me, but decided they might get caught.''
I was stunned. Mel had only gotten crayons on Mommas carpet. I was scared for my life too. She held me close and whispered in my ear ''You will never live like a normal girl.''
One single tear dripped down my face. I knew she was right.
I tried to be good the next few days. Mel stayed in her room for the most part, but when she invited me in, I took no hesitation to decline the only safety space I would ever know. She opened her curtains and we tried to count the stars. They were as beautiful as Mel's warming heart. I lay next to her, feeling so safe that I could do anything in the world.

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