!SAD STORY! Abuse and one brave little girl

Being scared for life, she cannot run, cannot hide. Explore one little girls world, adn how bravery saved her life.

Chapter 2

Mel's Place

When Mel was about 8, she introduced be to her place. It was a grand oak tree with so many branches, it looked like a latter. I wanted nothing to do with it. She helped me up the latter of branches and sat me across from her. I remember looking down, a frightened 5 year old like me didn't know what to do. She gave me words of comfort, words of wisdom
''Don't be scared, I'll always be here to help you.''
She smiled at me, and from then on, she always brought me up there.
After the beating, she went up there less and less often. She always had some excuse why she didn't have time. I went up there alone to think. She never told me not to, but she never encouraged me either. She wasn't as warm heart ed as she used to be. She had changed. I knew that she couldn't deal with it anymore, That soon her line would snap, that she wouldn't be there like she promised she'd be. But I never knew that that day would come so soon.

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