The 51st Hunger Games

This is the Hunger Games a year after Haymitch won. The name of the main character is: Nerissa Iona, and she's from District 4. My first fanfiction hope you guys like it :)

Chapter 1

Don't Scare the Fish

"Hey, Iona!" My best friend Coral flicks my head, "What are you looking at?"
I blink a few times as I come back. I zone out a lot, but only when something important is on my mind. "Sorry, I wasn't looking at anything. Just thinking," I reply.
"Well, it's your turn to dive in! Go get us some fish," she says and hands me a fishing spear.
I take it and look out across the vast ocean before us. We're in one of the boats and I can see my older brother, Cormac, spearing the fish in the shallows. He can't swim, but he is amazing with getting crabs, shellfish, clams, and the little fish that have rich meat. I smile and wave to him before I dive in.
The sea salt stings my eyes when I open them, but swimming is as natural as breathing to me. I glide through the water like it's nothing and easily stab a big bluefish and swim back to the boat after I've stabbed three more.
Coral grins at me as she takes the fish, but tells me to look by the reef. I agree and dip under again. As I swim between the actual coral and tiny fishies, I spot a lobster. I smile and snatch it up by the tail with my unoccupied hand and head back to the boat.
"Here's a good sized lobster," I say and throw it onto the boat before it can pinch me.
"Great. Now," she said as she got comfy on one of the seats, "let's talk about you and Bram."
I roll my eyes, but haul myself back into the boat. "What about us?"
"How was your date last night? I need details," she insists.
I take one of the tiny fish and cut it in half and hand one to Coral. "It was pretty good, just like the other ones," I say and take a bite of the salty, raw fish.
"No variety, huh?" She asks with a pout.
"Well there's not much variety here anyway. The Peace Keepers don't even spare us one glance unless it's to scratch an itch. Other than that they just tan and eat all day," I rant, while Coral listens patiently.
After a minute or so I stop and gnaw my anger out on the fish.
"The Reaping is next week," Coral says with less excitement in her voice.
"Yeah, then we miss two weeks of good fishing for ourselves," I start again, but she stops me.
"I'm not worried about that," she clarifies and looks away.
"Coral," I say putting new force into my voice, "you're not going to be picked. The odds are in our favor this year, like they've always been."
"I know, it's just... what if one of us were picked? What would we do?"
"Survive," I say, wishing she'd drop it. I hated thinking about the games.
"We'd have to be smart and crafty, like that guy last year from 12. That was brilliant, bringing her to the edge then using the ax and force field to~"
"Stop!" I yell louder than I meant to. "Sorry, I just... I can't think about it. They can't keep these games up forever can they? I mean, how can parents see their children being slaughtered like animals, and not want to do something?" I huff. "By the way, it's your turn," I say when she just stares at me.
She dives off and I sigh. I wish this was my last year, like it's Cormac's. One less thing to worry about. I look up and paddle closer to the shore because we've drifted. I'm so absorbed with my own thoughts I almost don't notice Coral hasn't come up yet. I look around, but the water is extremely calm, and then I see her. She's twitching beneath the waves wrapped in something....
I don't even hesitate as I dive through and speed toward her. I'm careful not to touch the tentacles that have marred her legs. I carry her back to the boat and call for help and get the attention of two boats.
"Jellyfish!" I scream and start paddling frantically towards shore after we get onto the boat. Everyone starts heading back too, and I can see someone running to get a healer. I don't really notice we've hit shore, but suddenly I'm carrying little 90 lb Coral across the beach to the healer's house. "Help!" I yell on the way. Bram, tall and muscular, takes Coral and takes her into the house when I get there. I run in after them, but the old woman, the healer and also Bram's grandmother, stops me.
"Sit and drink some water," she commands and pulls me towards a chair. Then she's gone where I can hear Bram giving Coral CPR. Bram's little sister, Rosewish, hands me a glass of ice cold water that I immediately guzzle down. It's not often to get cold water, but Bram's family does because they're relatives with the Mayor and his grandma is the only healer on this side of District 4. I smile at the uncommonly black haired girl. "Thanks, that really helped."
"Your welcome. Are you coming to my birthday party next month? I'm turning 9!" She tells me, and I let her cute, babbling voice take my mind off my panic. Coral is going to be fine, she'll be fine, I tell myself.
Rosewish is then called into the healing room to help and as soon as she's gone I bury my face in my hands. I can feel the tears welling up and I angrily wipe them away. I can't cry now, not until I know whether Coral is okay... or not.
I look up to see Cormac's worry strained face. I jump up and he envelops me in a bear hug.
"How is she?" He asks after I've soaked his shoulder with my stupid tears.
"I-I don't know," I stutter. "They h-haven't let me see her yet."
He glances nervously to the room where they took Coral. Ever since we were little, Cormac has had a thing for her. I've never told her, but sometimes I catch her watching him as he collects shellfish.
"Hey," I say and give him a smack on the arm, "We have to be tough. For Coral. She'd feel terrible if she found out we were both blubbering over her."
"Who says I'm crying?" He narrows his eyes at me.
"C'mon, admit it. You're ready to run in there and freak out at the healer."
Cormac doesn't looks at me, but sits down in the chair next to mine. "So what happened?" He asked after a few moments of awkward silence.
I take a deep breath and tell him. "It was her turn to spear fish, and I was making sure we weren't drifting to far out. Then I noticed she hadn't come back up yet, and when I looked around I saw her underwater... twitching," my voice breaks on the last word.
Cormac wraps his arms around me again and I mumble, "Crap, this sucks so much," against his shoulder.
"Yeah, but Nerissa, you have to know it wasn't your fault."
I shake my head. "But it was. I totally yelled at her over something stupid, and she was probably distracted and didn't see the jellyfish."
"Those things are see-though half the time, Nerissa. I'm surprised she didn't sink to the bottom by the time you saw her," he says in a hushed voice.
I don't say anything. It seems like hours that we're waiting for news, but it's probably only been one by the time the healer and Bram come back out to get us.
"She's awake, but she won't be able to walk around until tomorrow. And she wants to see just Nerissa first," the old woman tells us.
I almost knock the healer down as I run into the room. When I see Coral I smile... but then I see her legs. Where the tentacles had wrapped around her legs, it look like someone had trailed a scabbing burn.
"I know, gross huh?" She says from the cot she's been laid on. "She put some oily cream stuff on it so it'll heal much faster, but she says all the gauze is on the other side of the district."
"I'll get it," I say automatically, but I can't take my eyes off of her legs.
"Iona, stop it. Look at me."
I stare at the wall instead.
"Look at me," she orders, sounding more like her old self.
I slowly move my eyes to meet her determined gaze.
"Don't you dare blame yourself. If you don't promise me that you won't blame yourself, I'll refuse to take the medicine," she threatened.
"They'll make you take it," I throw back with more power in my voice.
She deliberately sits up and starts wiping off the cream from her legs.
I move so fast she doesn't even have time to blink. I rip her hands away from her legs and slam them back onto the cot. If it wasn't so fluffy I might have hurt her more. "Don't you dare," I snarled at her.
"Promise me," Coral commands, her eyes stabbing into mine.
I glare at her for a few more moments then mutter, "Fine. I promise," and throw her hands at her face before storming out.


So let me know what you guys think, since it's my 1st fanfiction, and if i need to improve on anything.

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