Maybe You're My Love (Ouran High School Host Club)

I might make a title someday, but until then, deal with the crappy title. :P I put love story in parenthesis because I don't know yet if it'll be a love story. Chances are, it will be. I think sometimes it will be in different POVs. For the character info, I'm gonna do all the weird stuff that is done for the other characters, like blood type, star sign, etc. That's pretty much it. :P
UPDATE: I thought of a title! Of course, it's lyrics to the theme. :D

Chapter 1


Name: Natsumi Narue
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Birthday: October 23rd
Star Sign: Libra
Blood Type: O

Natsumi's POV

Today I was moving to a new school. I was pretty much forced, from all the bullying. I was going to a high school in Japan, and I've always wanted to go there. I'm a little Japanese, but not too much.

My mom, dad, and I were driving there in our car, on our way to the airport. I was going to miss the luxuries of France, but I'd rather be happier there than miserable here.

My dad moaned, "Why did we have to move?! My business is here!" My dad is a famous entrepreneur, and my mom is a famous model, and she's an entrepreneur as well.
My mom yelled, "Because our sweet Sumi was being bullied and hurt there! Would you rather stay here and have it continue on, or move to Japan and have her happy?"
"I can't wait until you sign the divorce papers." I forgot to mention, we were a happy family in the beginning, but when I turned 15, they started resenting each other. My dad blames it on me, but my mom blames it on my attitude. I hardly ever have an attitude, and when I do, it doesn't last very long, and then I hate myself for awhile.

We finally arrived at the airport, where our private jet stayed, on our way to Japan. I wasn't going to miss it here, but I was going to miss the little group I was in that were the same people as me. I went to a private school, because we're filthy rich, but even those have their bullies. The teachers can just stop it faster than a public school.


We finally arrived, and I'm starting school tomorrow. I have to go to a school called Ouran High School, and I just hope it's better for me here. Chances are, it's going to have some crappy kids, but I just hope I can avoid them. I guess I'll just be a loner there.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The next day!!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I was getting ready for school, getting my uniform on, which was just this dress and a bow. I hated dresses, to me they were just too flashy, no matter how long. Nasty pervs look up dresses and skirts, so I wore a pair of shorts underneath.

I walked to school, I didn't really wanted a ride from a parent that would just talk about the other about how terrible they are. If that ever happens, I just nod and go "Mhmm" the whole time.

Finally, I walked inside, and class must have started, because it was deserted. Either that, or I was overly early. I walked around, trying to get a sense of the kind of school I was going to. So far, it was a lot better than the school I was going to.

I walked upstairs, and there were a ton of different rooms. The one that caught my attention was the one with the sign that said "Music Room #3", because I love playing flute and piano.
I opened the door, and as I did, I was greeted by seven young men, all wearing kimonos.
The one with the blonde hair said, "Welcome, my princess," as he extended his hand towards me.

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