How and why my friends hurt me! :)

I do a lot of dumb things! So my friends hurt me! :)

Chapter 1


So... my friends Bradlee and Ali are obsessed about making a wish at 11:11... and we have lunch during 11:11.

So every time it's 11:11 they cross their fingers, put them up to their face like they're concentrating... and close their eyes. I'm supposed to watch for when it turns to 11:12.

So today when they were doing it the 8th grade guys started staring at them... and I let them! :)

So when I said "It's 11:12!" Then the guys started laughing at them! :)

So then they took to me to the bathroom to "talk".

I ran into a stall and they got into one (a differnet one for each of them)

Then I sneaked out of the stall! :)

Then I ran to Lexi and Mickey. Bryler came and we went to the lockers. Then we got what Lexi needed and Tanner came back to the auditorium with us.

Then we went outside and walked around for a few minutes while some of the guys made farting noises....

Then we went back inside and Ali and Bradlee found me... then they took me to the bathroom. Bradlee started hitting me on one arm and Ali hot me on the other... Bradlee's punches were harder... I think I have a few brusies now! :)

Nice right? XD

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