Why Do I Love You?

This is for my friends. All of them. I love them so much.

Chapter 1

No reason

Why do I love you? Why do I need you? Why do I have to have you near every second of the day? Why do we always fight, but we never leave each other? Why, why, why?
I don't know. I don't know. I love you because I need you, and I need you because I love you. I want you because we fight, and we fight because I want you. There is no reason to love. If you think about it, why should there be a reason to love? Because if that reason dissapears or goes away, then there would be no love left, right?
So, honestly, I have no reason for loving you. I have no reason for wantiong you. I have no reason for needing you. Because I don't need a reason. Neither does love.
So don't ask me why I love you. Don't ask me why I need you. Do ask me why I want you. Because there is no 'Why' It's just love. And love is mysterious. Love has always been and will always be mysterious.
So don't ask why. Because there is no reason. Not one. :)


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