Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da

This is basically a story that follows the classic Beatles song, but with a Texas twist! Hope ya like! :D

Chapter 1

Desmond Has a Barrow in the Marketplace...

Desmond Jones wearily hopped out of his small, blue truck. He spent most of the morning tending to the livestock animals on his forty-acre farm in Texas. Since it was the beginning of fall, that meant that the annual county fair was to start! Desmond was very popular for raising such healthy, hearty pigs. He knew this, too and so, here he was, bringing his best barrow over to the marketplace to enter it into the livestock show to hopefully get a good bid.

"Mr. Jones, nice to see you here again for the new year! Another barrow, I presume?" Mrs. Gale sweetly welcomed.

"Yes, ma'am! Put all my hard work into this huge guy," he chuckled, patting the castrated male hog on its back. A squeal erupted from its snout.

Mrs. Gale just chortled. She scribbled Desmond's information down on the sign-up sheet and handed him the tag with his number. He tipped his weathered cowboy hat her way and accepted the free bag of jalapeno taffy. Desmond was very excited about this year's fair. His favorite band, The Beltles, were going to perform before the big auction! He was definitely planning on getting Joe Lasso and Pat McCow's signatures! Tom Frew, the owner of the market where everything was taking place, walked straight into Desmond's path. The barrow emitted a short growl.

"Hey, Desmond! How's everything goin' this year?" Tom shouted with glee.

"Howdy, Tom! Everything's great! Got my best hog out today and I'm so excited about The Beltles being in town tomorrow!"

"Uh...sorry to bust yer bubble, Desmond, but The Beltles had to cancel on account of a grass fire by their recordin' studio. Seems like a bunch of those rowdy, heathen girls were tryin' to catch their attention with some illegal fireworks from Mexico. Ha, they must've forgot the drought we endured last year..."

"Aw, that's too bad... Well, who'll be performin' tomorrow, then?"

"All I know is that it's some group with a woman fer a lead singer... Sounds purty good if you ask me..."

The hog was growing restless and began to headbutt Desmond's leg.

"I better git to my station 'fore this feller ends up takin' me down!"

Desmond and Tom shook hands like true Southern gentlemen and bid each other goodbye.

"Dadgummit, Buddy. Youse a strong piggy!"

Desmond and "Buddy" made their way into the stall embroidered with the number nine that graced the tag that he was holding. The smell of fresh sawdust entered Desmond's nose and he smiled. Being in the county fair each year was a blessing! Most of his income came from the animals he sold. "Buddy" was his biggest barrow yet and he was hoping for at least $5,000! Desmond started to fix the area up for his hog and worked until the sunset drew the day to an end. Tom came back over to see all of Desmond's results from a whole day of labor.

"Nicely done, Jones! Yer stall looks the best in here!"

"Thanks, Tom! I cain't wait 'til tomorrow's auction! Buddy will hopefully be the best he can be! Ain't that right, Buddy?"

The hog snorted and burrowed his snout into a tall pile of sawdust. Tom and Desmond shared a good laugh.

"Did you get a good room up at the Cactus Hotel?" Tom worriedly asked.

"Nah, I'll be just fine sleepin' in my truck tonight... See you in the mornin', Tom!"

"Oh well, see you tomorrow too, Desmond!"

And with that, Desmond strolled back over to his vehicle, which was a few hundred feet away from the stalls. He turned on the heater, put in The Beltles new CD, "The Wheat Album", and drifted off into a deep slumber.

Desmond Jones was determined to get the best bid for his barrow, Buddy!

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