Pigfarts School Song

Pigfarts School Song

Pigfarts School Song written by Rumbleroar
Note: Part One and Part Two are to be sung simultaneously
Note As Well: Part Two is to be sung to the tune of Hogwarts school song

Chapter 1

Part One/Part Two

Part One: (recited as it is)

Pigfarts, pigfarts.
Here I come.
Pigfarts, pigfarts.
Yum, yum, yum!

Part Two: (sung to tune of Hogwarts school song.)

Pigfarts, pigfarts, piggy farty, pigfarts.
Teach us strange things please!
Whether we be Rumbleroar or
Young with a love for trees!
Our minds could do with filling,
With some piggy-farty stuff.
For now they're spare and full of hair,
Unicorns and bits of fluff!


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