How much have YOU changed in two years?!

My life is boring so I decided to do this.

Chapter 1


Two years ago as of today….

How old were you? 13
Where did you go to school? Alamo Heights Junior School
Where did you work? In a cave...MWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!
Where did you live? San Antonio
Where did you hang out? At Culver's!!!
How was your hair style? Long curly and brown
Did you wear glasses? Yes!!!!! I'm blind!!!!!
Who was your regular-person crush? Brandon Ortega...(-_-)
How many tattoos did you have? Does stickers count???
How many piercings did you have? Only me ears...
What car did you drive? I drove a scooter!!!!!!
What was your worst fear? Being locked up in a room with a life sized gummy bear...le shivers
You been arrested? No...maybe...O.O
Had your heart broken? Nope! AND I NEVER WILL!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHJNEWJN!!!!!!!!
Single/Taken/Married/Divorced/Bitter? Single

How old are you? 15!!!!!! I'm now allowed to now go to the mall ALL ALONE!!!!
Where do you work? Work?! Wtf is work?!
Where do you go to school? Alamo Heights High School
Where do you live? I've never left...
Where do you hang out? Taco bell!!!!!!!
Do you wear glasses? I'm really blind...
What is your hairstyle? Medium and still curly brown...MY HAIR IS BORING!!!
Still talk to any of your old friends? Some, but I've made new friends...
Who is your current interest? My sexy ginger Lucius(aka Louis)
How many piercings? 1! I'm to scared to get any other ones.
How many tattoos? Hell to the no.
What kind of car do you have? I can't even drive yet!!!!! But, that doesn't mean I don't drive...
What is your biggest fear? The same one it's always been since I was 7...
Has your heart been broken? Nahhhhhh!!!!!
Single/Taken/Married/Divorced/Bitter: Taken like bacon!!!!!!!

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Peace, Love, #TeamPeeniss
Amia Weasley


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