I Wanna Save You Tonight ~1D love story~

Haha... IDK how bad this'll be! Wish me luck! XD

BTW... the time starts on June, 18, 2013 but that won't really be important...

Chapter 1


Name: Renee
Age: 17, turning 18 in October (20th)
Looks: Light Brown hair, long hair, blue eyes, freckles, about 5' 6''
Sports: Cheerleading, working on gymnastics
Personality: More shy when she doesn't know you, CRAZY when she does, laughs a LOT
Relationship: Ya... for now
1D crush: Niall
Other: Best friends with Rachel, sings, acts, writes, smart, has 0 common sense

Age:17, turning 18 in July (21st)
Looks: Blonde hair, curly hair, medium length hair, dimples that everyone makes fun of, she says they're "cute", about 5' 5''
Sports: Cheerleading, Gymnastics, Track
Personality: Bubbly, Can be serious, competitive, fun
Relationship: Ya...
1D crush: Harry
Other: Smart, Best Friends with Renee, sings, acts, writes

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