No lying quiz (Mercified edition)

I actually like this one.

Chapter 1

"hey, I'm gonna sing you a song. ready? ready? go!"

by: m3rcy616
1. last cigarette? Right now
2. last beverage: Gas station Coffee
3. last phone call? Yesterday
4. last text message? 12:30 yesterday
5. last CD played: "American Soldier" - Queensryche
6: last BUBBLE bath: um... years ago.
7: last time you cried : Yesterday (was listening to a song and got emotionally drawn into it)
8. last meal: A couple 'cutie' oranges

SEVEN have you’s:
1. have you ever dated someone twice?: Nope, haha.
3. have you ever kissed someone & regretted it?: mmhm.
4. have you ever fallen in love? Yes
5. have you ever lost someone?: Yes (came close to losing my sister too, but she survived)
6.have you ever slept until 2pm?: Yes. been a while since I did that though.
7. have you ever been drunk and thrown up? Yeah... some bad parties I've been to.

SIX things you did in the past three days:
1. Chilled with my girls, and Will (my friend Nix's soon-to-be guy. We all know it's gonna happen, and it should. They're made for each other.)
2. changed the strings on Isis (my favorite guitar. yes. they have names.)
3. Took a look at Lily again, so I can fix her wiring (the first electric I built)
4. Jammed with my guitar buddy
5. Had a discussion with Will about the hated question "acoustic or electric"
6. Woke up to a phone call from my fiance

list FIVE people you can tell pretty much anything to –
1: My mom
2: Andrew
3: Shanna
4: Nix
5: Rage

list FOUR things you want to do before you die -
1: achieve my dream career: audio engineer
2: make a difference in someone's life
3: build a cello
4: learn bass

list THREE favorite colors —
1: Silver
2: Black
3: hot pink

This month have you…
Laughed until you cried: mmhm. Went into a hysterical fit of laughter a few weeks ago
Went behind your parents back? Nope. My parents are in full support of my choices

1. Your last kiss? My fiance and I didn't get together until after he was deployed, and he's still on deployment. So my last kiss was the Friend with benefits I had before I got together with Andrew. Meh.
2. Gay Marriage? Equal rights man. I don't see how someone else's marriage effects you. I'm in full support of it. Everyone should be able to get married if they so choose.
3. Lowering the drinking age? Honestly doesn't matter. people under the age of 21 find ways to get their hands on it anyways, so it really doesn't matter.
4. Straight, Gay, or Bi? If this is asking what I am: straight, with an appreciation of other women. (my friend ash calls it 'bi from the waist up.' whatever.) If it's asking what I think about it: people don't control who they're attracted to. You're just wired that way. I also think that there are gray areas of sexuality. It's not a black and white 'this is how it is' kind of thing.

5. Who are the best huggers that you know? my mom, hands down.
6. Do you believe in love at first sight? It's attraction at first sight. You can't fall in love with somebody until you get to know them..
7. Is there something you want to tell someone? Yeah. I want to say my vows with Andrew.
8. What brand of shirt are you wearing? I'm wearing an Ibanez guitar tee.
9. Would you kiss anyone on your top friends? Not on here, no.
10. What is your current annoyance? I'm behind in my steel string build.
11. How many kids do you want to have? really, I just want one kid. But hands down, no more than 3.
12. Do you want to change your name? I want to make Mercy my legal name, yeah. It's the name I've been called for years.
13. Last time you saw your father? last week.
14. What did you do for your last birthday? Just a little get together at my place.
15.What time did you wake up today? noon
16. What were you doing at midnight last night: listening to music, and reading.
17. Name something you CANNOT wait to do: I'm excited for my coming wedding. but I don't want to rush it.
18. What is your favorite thing in your room? easy: Isis.
20. Where is your best friend right now? which one? I have 3. but I dunno. I don't stalk them. We all have our own lives to live, and our own things to attend to.
If you answered honestly to all these, repost as: no lying quiz


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