How much have YOU changed in two years?

Reposty! XD

Chapter 1

Repost thing. XD

How old were you? 14
Where did you go to school? High school in Melbourne
Where did you work? Didn't work
Where did you live? At home with my mum, sisters, and brothers and pets. :)
Where did you hang out? The Mall and The Library
How was your hair style? Short brown hair with purple highlights
Did you wear glasses? NO!
Who was your regular-person crush? No one
How many tattoos did you have? 0
How many piercings did you have? Just my ears
What car did you drive? Didn't drive
What was your worst fear? That i would die before i found love
Had your heart broken? Nope
Single/Taken/Married/Divorced/Bitter? Taken


How old are you? 16, ALMOST 17, my b-day is the 5th of MAY, don't forget it!
Where do you work? I don't work, yet, I'm to busy with school and family and studying
Where do you go to school? Same High school
Where do you live? With Daniel and my pets in a cottage
Where do you hang out? Mall, Mum's house, Library
Do you wear glasses? Still no
What is your hairstyle? My same dark brown hair with caramel brown highlights
Still talk to any of your old friends? All the time
Who is your current interest? MY Daniel
How many piercings? My ears twice, i have 2 holes in each, belly piercing
How many tattoos? 3
What kind of car do you have? Well, a Black Mercedes but only in America where i go a lot.
What is your biggest fear? That Daniel will die or leave me for someone else
Has your heart been broken? No, I'm the heart-breaker! XD
Single/Taken/Married/Divorced/Bitter: Married (Don't be mean about it even though I'm 16, i am a troubled teenager who really loves Daniel and hopefully will be happy forever

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