Add me on Pottermore...Also I will be posting things to help people who have questions...I'm not the best on potions, but I know someone who is cough shylonewolf cough No I am better at dueling, well I like to think so. Yes, I am a Slytherin. ^^ Don't hate! I"ll help everyone, unless you are hufflepuff, just kidding!!! ^^

Chapter 1

Names and Questions

First things first: DragonHex31292 is the name of the game XD Ok not really, but add me please. Also if anyone has questions, please go ahead and ask. If I cannot answer I will find someone who can.

Don't forget that people are really taking the house cup seriously. Please contribute to your house. It's a lot more fun when people are playing fair and not complaining.

Emails: It took me 8 hours to receive my first email and 4 for the second. I know of some people who have waited for over 24 hours, so don't worry if you don't receive your email right away. REMEMBER YOUR USERNAME! Write it down! Its very important, you can't log in with your email you have to use your username.

Please answer your questions and sorting truthfully, it fun that way. I will admit if I was stuck in a house I didnt want to be in, I might have whined a bit, but I would stay and support my house. Please have the courtesy to do so for everyone. Your true nature is what shows when you are honest.

Well anything anyone needs or if you need gifts hit me up and I'll try and send some your way!

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