Living As A Beatles Fan In... Iran! :My Story

You know how you guys say I'm "Born In The Wrong Generation" well, for me not only that I was also “Born In The Wrong Country”

Chapter 1

Big Dreams In A Small City

Sitting in the physics class is the hardest part of my day, I'm not really interested in the field I'm studying, which is Microbiology, I always wanted to study directing, my parents didn’t let me, they said people don’t care about art in the country we live in, they were one of those people too ofcourse. and now here I was in this university, in Physics class, trying to listen to the guy teaching.
"did you notice that everything that comes from nature is either cylindrical or sphere? , like an apple, or any other fruit, give me an example of something that is made and its not sphere or cylindrical" said the physics professor
"Chair" some one said with a bored voice.
"no, I said, natural" the physics professor said with a disappointed voice, meanwhile, I was looking at my cell phone's back ground picture, also trying to remember a fruit that is not sphere or cylindrical, Strawberry maybe.. like strawberry fields forever…
"who is that?" the girl next to me asked, she was looking at my background as well, Paul and George.
"oh that? That's my boyfriend" I said sneering waiting to her to say Hahaha you're really funny.
"is he?" she took the phone from me and scrutinized the photo
"which one?" she asked, I was about to say “really? You just believed me? You don't know the Beatles?!!” but I didn't.
"this one" I pointed at Paul, she was looking at Paul and took her look back at me with a “how do ‘you' get ‘that'?” look, well as I hate my university as a protest I always show up really messed up. It would be more believable if I said George is my boyfriend, but she believed me anyway.
"he's really cute, good for you" she said trying to smile at me with her eyes glancing me up and down.
"thanks" I gave a fake smile and took back my cell phone with the picture of my ‘boy friend' at the back ground
You know, in most countries mostly people know The Beatles, they might not know that much about them like us beatlemaniacs but they do know them, well not where I live, not in Iran.
Following the day, I showed the photo to like 7 different girls and all believed that my boy friend is Paul, some asked if George was his brother, I said no they're best friend, I told one that which one is cuter because they both asked me out, she looked at the photo pointed at Paul "this one is cute I think" she said, and I was like you're showing Paul McCartney you say you ‘think’ he is cute?
"thanks" but that was all my answer to her.
I was really disappointed, but they're not really the one to blame are they? I mean how should know about The Beatles? On TV? Well Persian TV doesn't show them. Their parents? They probably never heard of The Beatles either. And where I live is not even capital, it’s a small city with people doing small things, busy doing their small lives worrying about their small problems.
I've always been so different among friends and classmates, I loved movies, American and European movies, my English was rather good, I was always into what happens outside this country, and I didn't like Persian music that much, I lived my own kind of life in this small city, surviving because I had big dreams.
You know how you guys say I'm "Born In The Wrong Generation" well, for me not only that I was also “Born In The Wrong Country” well can't exactly say that because I was born in London and hope to get back there soon, but I grew up here. I don’t want to exaggerate, people like me are a lot in this country, I made a lot of friends like myself when I went to capital for directing class, and found a lot Persian friends like me on facebook, but they’re just happened to not to be around where I live.
You might ask why don't you just let go? Live on your own, go live in London, study directing, well I might because one of my best friends live there, also my cousin who is so much alike me (except that she doesn't like The Beatles or any oldie thing but we get along lol) wants to move there, but I have one of those concern mothers who call you every 5 minutes to make sure you’re alive and all you’re doing is watching TV, I’m the only child and my father passed away and she does anything to keep me here. and I do anything to just go.
Iran is a beautiful country, it was also a great one 30 years ago before the revolution, but not anymore. everybody here knows it and they are like "you can't make any change, live with it or get out." and I chose to get out but some how I'm still here living with it.
Back to the subject, The Beatles, I loved them from the first song I ever heard back to years ago, Help! , I usually don't fall in love with stuff first time seeing them but The Beatles were something else, and as you know we're not live in the sixties and they’re not that much fans anymore, and where I live there were not that much fan at all, and to be honest, my own friends were avoiding me since I liked them, one of my best friend even told me that "you make me say I can’t be your friend anymore as long as you like The Beatles"
Joining Quibblo was a life changing experience, I found people who are just like me, that's really spectacular how Beatles fans are so much alike, we are all interested in writing, its Because we love creativity, that’s why we love The Beatles.
When I talk to Jema, Jenny, Lizzie, Shred and other fabulous friends here, I feel like I've known them for a long time, I know them better than my own 6 year best friends. We understand each other so much better and its not only because we have a lot to talk to, we think the same way somehow, that's why we love the same things. No matter where we are, who we are, where we’re come from. Beatles fans around the world surely have always 2 things in common: Peace and Love.
Love you guys


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