My Adventures In ONEderland (One Direction/Niall Horan)

My Adventures In ONEderland (One Direction/Niall Horan)

So I had the SRANGEST meeting with the boy of my dreams. I am only sixteen, my name is Scarlett Avaleen, I live in Brisbane, Autralia.
I'm super skinny
Very dark brown, long hair,
Bright emerald-green eyes.
olive skin.

Chapter 2

The Irish Arrival

"Lettie, Lettie!" Beau was shaking me.
"Oh hey moop, Are we here already? Wow, Better get our coats on!"
I slipped on a longsleeve shirt, A cardigan and my cute, grey Trench Coat. I Grabbed the bag and hel Beau with his college hoodie and big, puffy jacket that he almost dissapeared into, and grabbed his hand. We went down the aisle and stepped out, the cold, european winter air biting my face and i quickly grabbed my beanie out of my tote. Beau lifted his hood and snuggled ito my side. we ran across the tarmac and into the airport, which thankfully, was heated. I then saw mums stillouette and her boyfriend's, Gary.
Gary was Irish, so that's why we were here..
We stepped outside, and surprisingly, it wasn't snowing. I saw that Beau was dissapointed.
"Hey, It's OK, The snow ill come. It's just not cold enough yet!" I reasuured him.
"NOT COLD ENOUGH!! What are you talking about, im icy!!" He exclaimed.
We followed Gary to this big, grey 4WD. He opened the back door and my mum, Beau and I climbed in.
"Hi Renee, Good to see you again, and you kids must be Scarlette and Beau!"
Gary's mother exclaimed in a very thivk Irish accent.
"Hey mum!" Gary said, after packing in the suitcases and kissing her on the cheek.
"I'm Ginny, If you haven't heard!"

We finally go to their house and left our stuff in the car. The house was beautiful, cottagey but small, I didn't know How we'd all fit in there.

It turns out, I was staying in the granny flat out back. It was cute! It was heated, carpet and i had this HUGE bed, my own kitchen, a lounge room, a massive bathroom and a walk-in-wadrobe! I was definately, gonna enjoy this!

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