My Adventures In ONEderland (One Direction/Niall Horan)

My Adventures In ONEderland (One Direction/Niall Horan)

So I had the SRANGEST meeting with the boy of my dreams. I am only sixteen, my name is Scarlett Avaleen, I live in Brisbane, Autralia.
I'm super skinny
Very dark brown, long hair,
Bright emerald-green eyes.
olive skin.

Chapter 3

Ella- The step-half-second-cousin-person-thing

that picture is of the introduced character (in this chapter), Ginny

I had unpacked my clothes and filled my wardrobe, I was staying three months, after all.
I heard the big, wooden door. I opened it to see one of the prettiest girls I've seen for a while.
"Hi, I'm Ella. I'm Gary's Half-cousin. Which makes me your step-half-second-cousin." She said in a Scottish accent, not an Irish one.
"Haha, well, I'm Scarlett. Come in if you want, It must be freezing out there!"
"Yep, But I'm used to it- It's quite the same in Scotland."
"Oh, yea, I noticed the different accent, are you staying ling?"
"yea, I'm here while you guys are here. And um, about that- Aunt Ginny said there was a spare room here, You don't mind if I bunk with you do you?"
"No, not at all! How old are you?"
"I'm fifteen, and you"
"sixteen, you want coffee?"

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