Just A Simple Little Love Story x

I decided that I would write a little love story. I really hope people like it x If people don't really comment then I probably won't write anymore. I hope you like it x

Chapter 1

Chapter One

Did you ever think that one day you would fall in love and live a happy ever after? I thought that too. Then I realised, life always isn't that simple.
It was a dull Tuesday afternoon. The brown leafs crunched underneath my feet as I walked up the drive way into my house. It isn't the fanciast house, it isn't the biggest house. It was just, normal.I was born and raised in this house. Along with my brother, sister, mother and father. We were a happy family.
Then our lives changed forever. None of us really got over what happened. It will be the saddest thing that ever happened to me. Well, that's what I thought.
As I walked in the door the smell of home made lasagna filled my nostrils. Something was wrong. Dad never cooks unless he has bad news. "Dad," I shouted as I closed the front door. "In the kitchen." When I walked into the biscuit coloured kitchen I noticed that Ellen, my little sister, and my Dad were sitting at the kitchen table. I took my seat next to Ellen. I could feel the tension in the room.
When we finished our dinner Dad brought out a huge tray of brownies. "Dad, what's wrong?" I asked. He sighed and placed the tray of brownies on the counter. "Ellen and Zibby, you know that I've been struggling since the thing with your Mam." I sighed and brushed a piece of my brown hair out of my face. Ellen kept looking at the table. Even she knew there was something wrong. And she's 12!
"Well, I've been having financial problems. Their cutting my pay check again and I can't afford to live here. So, we're moving in with Johnny."
I thought my heart jumped out of my body and ran down the drain. Tears were filling my eyes. I held them back. Big girls don't cry. I had to stay strong, for Ellen. I didn't mind Johnny. He's like my second father. It's his stuck up son I hate! He always flirts with me. ALWAYS! But he is good looking. With those hazel eyes and that beautiful brown hair... NO stop it. I CANNOT fall for that, jerkface.
"When are we moving?" I asked nervously. "Two Weeks."

So... I hope you liked it x I know it's insanely short but it's late at night and I've just been in hospital and I'm super tired. So please tell me what you think. If people don't like it then I won't go on. xx Anna xx

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