Just A Simple Little Love Story x

I decided that I would write a little love story. I really hope people like it x If people don't really comment then I probably won't write anymore. I hope you like it x

Chapter 2

Chapter Two

I woke up at 9.00am sharp on a sunny Tuesday. It was so beautiful. Then I remember, we're moving today! Ughh!!!Two Weeks passed by so quickly. It's like one minute Dad told us that we're moving in two weeks and then the next minute we're leaving. Everything is happening to quickly.
I got up out of bed and looked at my bed. That would be the last time I ever slept in that bed. Mom and I picked it out together. I was a cream leather bed. It was gorgeous. Mom and I were so tight. I could tell her anything. She was my best friend, my idol. Then.. I quickly shook that thought out of my head. It's just to painful to remember.
I got dressed into http://www.polyvore.com/casual/set?id=47644605 and brushed my wavy hair. My room was empty. All that was left was my bed and the four walls. I walked downstairs to the smell of pancakes, my favourite. Authors Note : now I want pancakes! Yummy x
"Good Morning Zibby," Ellen said while munching away at her pancakes.
I grabbed my plate of pancakes and made my usual. Pancakes with chocolate spread, marshmallows, whipped cream, icing sugar, apples and strawberry's.
"I don't know how you eat that Zibby. Do you know how much fat there is in that," my Dad exclaimed
"Say's the one stuffing his face with pancakes DRENCHED in maple syrup and whipped cream!" I said taking a massive bite from my pancakes.
"Haha very funny Zibby. You should be a comedian!"
"Thank you Dad." I did a little bow.
We were all in good humour today. All except Ellen. She's really quiet today. She gone through a lot lately. I feel sorry for her.
"Ellen are you ok?" I asked.
"I'm ok," she sniffed, fiddling with her pancakes.
"Are you sure? You don't lo-"
She marched upstairs, slamming the door behind her.
"Don't worry Dad, she'll cool off."

As I stared up at my house a single tear slid down my face. That was the house that I grew up in. Where I took my first steps. Where I said my first word. All my memories are in that house. Now I'm leaving it, for good.
Dad honked the horn a couple of times. I sighed, rolling my eyes and jumped into the passengers seat beside him. Ellen was sitting in the back, staring out the window. She hasn't spoke to me since our little 'fight'.
"You'll love it here girls," Dad exclaimed, "They have a swimming pool, a basketball court, a bowling alley, a recording studio, a pool table and a movie theatre. They have everything you could ever dream of. And the best part is, we can stay here for free, free ,free." My Dad echoed the free part, trying to lighten the mood.
"Do we get our on room?" Ellen asked. I was suprized to here her speak.
"Yes AND your own bathroom AND your very own walk in wardrobe!"
I squealed with joy. I've always wanted a walk in wardrobe. It's kinda a dream of mine. Hehe.
We pulled up to the house. It was huge. (This is the house : http://www.highendluxuryrentals.com/images/mansions/pretoria-mansion-029.jpg)
I mouth was wide opened. So was Ellen's.
"Are use trying to catch fly's girl's?" my father laughed.
We stepped out of the car and walked up to the giant front door. The front door was like 7 times the size of me! I was white door, to match the rest of the house. Palms trees surrounded the whole house. It had a massive pool and was right on Miami Beach. It was incredible.
Ellen pressed the door bell and a large man opened the door.
"Johnny is waiting for you in the sitting room. Right this way." The man was about 6'4 and had a thick British accent. He seemed like a nice fella. We followed the large man into the sitting room.
"I'm Henry by the way, and you must be Eliza, Ellen and Adam," The large man, I mean Henry said.
He shook our hands.
"I'm Eliza, but most people call me Zibby."
"Hello Zibby. Please to meet you," he smiled.
He opened the grand doors into the sitting room. In was so, just amazing. (Sitting room : http://aboutinterior.info/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/modern-interior-design-living-room.jpg)
Their stood Johnny, my Dad's friend aka The Millionaire, his lovely daughter Milly and .... Rob. Ughh stupid Rob. I can't stand him. But he is kinda cute. Don't EVER tell ANYONE that I said that!
"Hello Adam, Ellen and Zibby. I'm pleased to have you here." He shook each of our hands. Ellen and Milly started talking since they were both the same age. They get along great.
"Thank You so much for letting us stay, Johnny. We really appreciate it."
"Your more than welcome."
"Hello Zibby. It's nice to see you again," Rob winked. He's such a flirt.
I didn't even bother to answer.
"Well, anyway. You will all get your own rooms with on suite bathrooms. But unfortunately, they aren't ready yet. Except for Adam's. We're currently doing those rooms up. We finished Adam's last night," Johnny said.
"Where will we be sleeping then?" Ellen asked.
"Well, Ellen you'll be sharing with Milly. And Zibby, you'll be sharing with Rob."
I was catching flies again. I was shocked. SO many things were going through my mind.
"WHAT!" I screamed.
"I'm sorry Zibby," he apologised.
I looked at Rob from the corner of my eye. He had a smirk on his face.
"Ok, fine." I crossed my arms and looked at my toes.
"Rob, Milly go show them their rooms. I followed Rob up the stairs. I was so bloody mad!
Rob stopped at a door and opened it. His room was huge! (Rob's room : http://homefuturedecorating.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/bedroom-furniture-la-vie-5.jpg)
I sat down on his bed with my arms crossed.
"Ok, there's a few rules Rob. 1.) Do not touch me. 2.) Do not talk to me. 3.) Do not touch my stuff. 4.) Don't look at my stuff and 5.) DO NOT FLIRT WITH ME!. Got it?"
"Got it beautiful." He winked.
This is going to be hell.....

Thank You to everyone who read this story. I'm thinking of deleting it. What do you think? I need more people to read this story, so please tell your friends. Pwease with a chocolate chip on top! Please leave comments. I feel as if no one likes it if they don't comment. I Love You Guys x Anna x

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