Just A Simple Little Love Story x

I decided that I would write a little love story. I really hope people like it x If people don't really comment then I probably won't write anymore. I hope you like it x

Chapter 4

Chapter Four

Zibby's Point Of View

So far, the ride to the mall is pretty, awkward. Rob was driving and I was in the passengers seat. Nobody was talking. I sighed and slid down in my seat.

"So, Zibby.." Allen exclaimed, breaking the silence. I haven't really gotten to talk to him properly yet, but from what I seen I say his a loud guy.

"Yes?" I answered, moving up in my seat. I put my head around the car chair to look at him

"Is Zibby your proper name, or is it just a nickname?" He asked, a huge grin on his face. His accent was quite thick. From his accent, I say he's either Irish or well Irish. XD

"Zibby's just a nickname. My real name is Eliza," I replied.

He stared at me. I wonder what he's thinking.. hmmm....

"So, why do you use the name Zibby?" he asked, his hand on his chin. It looked really funny.

"I'm not really sure," I giggled, "One day in like 3rd grade or something, a new kid joined our class and he asked me my name and Zibby just, well, came out."

"Let me guess, you had a little crush on this guy and you were so shocked that he spoke to you that it just, popped out," Allen laughed. His laugh was so, Irish.

I blushed slightly and looked down. It was true. I had a crush on that guy for 4 years. 4 YEARS!! Then in 7th Grade I saw him sucking the mouth of Abigail Harris, the biggest biitch in school. I hated him ever since.

"I knew it! I knew you liked him!" Allen exclaimed, "So... why did you like him?"

"Why do you ask so many questions?" I giggled, sticking my tongue out. He was so nosey. I heard a little laugh coming out of Rob and Zack's mouths.

"Ehhhh...." Allen mumble, thinking of something to say.

I laughed and turned around in my seat. From the side mirror, I could see Allen sliding down in his seat. I just smiled.

"Dude, you just got owned by a girl!" I heard Zack whisper to Allen, laughing slightly. From what I seen in the side mirror, Allen punched Zack in the arm.

After that the awkwardness in the car died down. Everyone was talking and just yapping away.

"Allen, are you Irish?" I asked. I was very curious.

"Yup. My parents are from Mullingar in Ireland," Allen replied, nodding his head.

"I love an Irish accent. Wait, isn't that where Niall Horan from One Direction is from?" I asked.

I wasn't the biggest fan of One Direction, but Sarah my best friend from back home use to make me quiz her about them. Some of the facts stayed in my head. Stupid over - obsessed Sarah!!

"Yup. He was in my school. He's three years older than me," he sighed. I bet you anything he's jealous! Well, he sounds jealous.

"So your 16?" I asked. I was never good at maths.

"Yup. I'm turning 17 in a few weeks!" Allen answered, with an excited tone.

"Awesome!" I replied with enthusiasm.

"What age are you?" Zack asked, smiling at me.

"I'm 15 and single!" I laughed.

We arrived at the Dolphin Mall 5 minutes later. I stepped out of the white Range Rover, closing the door behind me. I followed the Allen, Zack and Rob into the shopping centre. It was massive.

The boys started walking towards Nike Factory Store. I sighed and followed.

While I was in there, I saw these AMAZING pair of shoes. They were 30 bucks.

"Guys, what do you think?" I asked, showing Allen, Rob and Zack the gorgeous shoes.

"There epic!" Rob replied, staring at the shoes.

"I guess I'll buy them."

I walked up to the cashier and bought them. As I walked away from the cashier, I turned around to get another look at him. He looked like, like Abigail Harris's older brother.

I shook my head and walked back to the guy's. There's no possible way that that was him. But, if it was. Would that mean that Abigail was here too?

I shook that awful thought out of my head. No, I told myself. Abigail is back home. Abigail is back home. I kept repeating that in my head. But I still felt uneasy.

After looking around all the shops we all went to Starbucks. I ordered my usual Hot Chocolate with extra cream.

To my suprize, Rob didn't flirt with me at all today. Things are a little awkward between us since last night. You know, with the way he put his arm around me.

After we all finished in Starbucks we drove home.

Zack bought a hoddie and a brand new pair of Supras. Allen bought a pair of jeans and hair gel. And last, but maybe the least, Rob bought 2 pairs of sunglasses and Supras also.

I bought, the Nikes as you already know, and a blouse. (http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=48380683)

When we arrived home Rob found a note on the kitchen counter.

Dear Rob, Zibby and Friends.

Adam, Ellen, Milly and I have gone out to a show in New York. We will be back on Friday. I left 500 bucks in press beside the microwave for food and emergencies. NO PARTIES ROB!!! Anyway, be safe. (There's protection beside the money too Rob)

Don't get anyone pregnant Rob!

Love, Johnny

"What does he mean, get anyone pregnant?" I asked, nervously. I moved my feet, a bit uncomfortable.

"He thinks that since you and I are sharing a room we might... you know," he replied, blushing a bit, "he thinks that I had, you know, before."

"Have you?" I hesitated.

"Nope, but he thinks I did!"

"Yup, he's still our little virgin," Zack laughed, rubbing Rob's head. Rob punched his arm.

"Wait, you guys aren't virgins?" I pointed at Allen and Zack.

They shook their heads.

"Are you?" they asked. God, they're nosey!!!

"Yup. I'm a virgin and proud!"

After that, awkward conversation we sat down and watched Saw. Allen and Zack were on one chair and Rob and I on the other.

During the movie I scream so loud I say they heard me on Mars. The boys laughed and Rob gave me a hug. I hesitated at first, but I was all right after that.

Then, suddenly I felt very sleepy, and drifted off to sleep.....

Rob's Point Of View

When the movie was over Zack turned the lights on and I seen that Zibby fell asleep against my chest.

I picked her up bridal style and brought her up to bed. I lay her down on the bed. I kissed the top of her head and closed the door.

I walked down stairs and sat down beside Allen.

"So, you like Zibby. You like Zibby," the both idiots sang. They started making kissey faces.

"Yeah Yeah."

"Rob loves Zibby. Rob loves Zibby."

"Ok, fine. I love Zibby. But, she'll never like me. I guess I just have to keep dreaming."

Zibby's Point Of View

I woke up by the sound of the bedroom door closing. Last thing I remember was watching Saw...

I got out of bed and started walking down the stairs. Then I stopped. The guys were talking.

I ducked down and listened to the conversation.

"So, you like Zibby. You like Zibby," Allen and Zack sang.

I gasped, covering my mouth, praying that they didn't hear.

"Yeah Yeah." Rob replied

"Rob loves Zibby. Rob loves Zibby."

Then I heard something that I NEVER EVER thought I'd hear in a billion trillion years...

"Ok, fine. I love Zibby. But, she'll never like me. I guess I just have to keep dreaming."...

Author's Note Ok, I'd like to thank everyone who starting reading or who read the story. I really hope that you like it. I'm not that good at spelling. I only got like 14/25 right on my test. So, please don't judge. Also, please give me ideas and suggestions. Please Please Please Please Comment. It means the world to me when people comment because I feel as if people actually like this story. Thank You So Much xxx BTW Sorry it's short!!!

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