Just A Simple Little Love Story x

I decided that I would write a little love story. I really hope people like it x If people don't really comment then I probably won't write anymore. I hope you like it x

Chapter 6

Chapter Six

My body froze. I was in the state of shock. I just blanked out. I could slightly hear Zack and Allen murmuring in the back round.

Was this actually happening? Was Robert Nathan Jackson actually asking I, Eliza Jenny Matters out on a date. I must be dreaming. I have to be!

I heard a clicking noise at my ears. It was Rob clicking his fingers.

"Zibby. Zibby. Anybody Home?"

I shook my head vibrantly, releasing myself from my trance. (Is that what if was?)

"Yes or No Zibby?" Rob repeated. He was moving up and down on his tippy toes.

"Yes," I blurted out. Fvck! Did I just say yes? Fvck my stupid brain. Fvck it!

"Great. We'll leave around 7!" Rob was smiling from ear to ear. He was so happy, like a child on Christmas morning.

He popped his hands in his pockets and walked back into the sitting room. I heard Zack and Allen cheering from the other room.

"Idiots..." I whispered under my breath. Idiots, both of them!

I sighed and walked up to my, well, Rob's room. I was so frustrated at myself. Me and my big mouth. Authors Note: Like this =0

I walked over to my wardrobe, which Johnny put in for me, and picked out my outfit. You know, to have it ready. It's 4.30pm. I still have two and a half hours to get ready. That's plenty of time!

After rambling through my wardrobe for half an hour I FINALLY found the right outfit. http://www.polyvore.com/date/set?id=48326734. This was my favourite dress.

The ring was my moms. She had it since she was my age and she gave it to me on my tenth birthday. It's been my favourite thing since I got it. It reminds me that I'm always beside her. Wherever I go....

After I got dress, did my hair and brushed my teeth I lay down on the bed. I still had 15 minutes left. I placed my hand on my stomach as it grumbled. Where ever we're going, I hope it has food. I haven't had anything since breakfast. I'm a very hungry girl!

After playing temple run for 15 minutes I walked down stairs, greeted by Rob's hand.

"So, where are we going?" I asked, moving nervously.

Rob looked great. He was wearing a navy t-shirt, a black zip up hoodie and dark blue jeans. His brown hair was sitting just nicely on his head. He looked... good.

"It's a suprize." He winked and led me to the car. He opened the car door, like a gentleman and closed it also.

What a gentleman I thought.

Rob jumped into the car and pulled some thing out of his pocket. He handed it to me.

It was a thorn-less, lavender rose. I wonder what the meaning of a lavender rose is...

"Aww, Rob, it's beautiful. Thank You." I hugged him tightly.

He just smiled that beautiful smile of his. Wait, pause the moment! Did I just say that Rob's smile is, beautiful. Oh no. No. No. No. I'm falling for him! What am I going to do! Where's Sarah when I need her...

The car ride was pretty silent. The only noise was the radio blaring 'Payphone' by Wiz Khalifa and Maroon 5.

Rob parked outside the 5 star 'Rose Beach Restaurant' and opened my door for me.

"Rob, this is the most expensive restaurant in Florida!" I exclaimed, "It's like 100 bucks for a piece of ice."

"Your worth it!"

I smiled as Rob guided me inside. Red velvet walls covered the place. The white satin table clothes matched the white roses on each table. It was so.. incredible!

"Table for Jackson"

"Right this way." The English waiter guided us to our seats.

Rob and I sat down and looked at the menu. Our table was right by the wind, facing the Atlantic Ocean. I could see dolphins in the water!

Everything in the menu was over 100 bucks!

"Rob this is too expensive!" I whispered. I didn't want the waiters to hear.

"Just pick what you want, beautiful," Rob laughed.

After the lovely meal which the author is to lazy and doesn't have time to write!

Our meal was lovely. Rob and I laughed the entire time. He's so funny. And sweet. And kind. Oh, don't forget gorgeous. I'm falling for him. I'm falling hard for him...

Rob and I ran down to the beach and sat on the sand, facing the ocean. The view was spectacular. I lay on Rob chest and he rapped his arm around me. This was the perfect night. I could hear the beating of Rob's heart.

I decided to close my eyes and breath in the fresh, ocean air. Little did I know that I would actually fall asleep......

I woke up by someone shaking me. I jumped up. Was I here all night?

I looked down at myself. The I saw a pair of... feet. I looked up at the person.

No, it can't be. It, it can't be. But it is. It's her. It's..


Ok. I just want to say, OMG OMG this story has 48 views. Thank You from the bottom of my heart. Now I know this chapter is short, but I have writers block. Be patience my child. -.- . Anyway, I'm still thinking of deleting this story. I mean, nobody really comments or anything. If you want to keep this story then please comment or message me!! Also, I need ideas for this story. What do YOU want to happen in this story? Yes YOU. YOU! The person who is reading this. I want your say in what will happen in this story!!! ILY!! xxx

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