Magic spells

I am a witch, or I'm studying to be one. These actually work. Use them for only good.

Chapter 1

Storm summoning spell

What's needed:
1 white candle
1 wand (can be substituted with a crystal)
1 lighter/match (lighter works best)

Take the candle and center it in front of you. Place the wand next to the candle and light the candle. After lighting the candle, take the lighter (or match)and start at the point of water on the pentagram. Then, follow the lines of the pentagram (going in a deosil motion) naming each element associated with that point. Once you have done that, complete the circle around the pentagram one whole time then continue to make the circle until you come to point of water. Once you have done this, repeat: ''I call out to the energies and forces of nature: Water, Fire, Wind, and Earth. I summon the power of the Water''.

After saying that, grab your wand/crystal and repeat the following:

''Clouds of black, clouds of white.
I summon the to show thy might.

Come thee here and bring thy rain,
beneath water, the Earth shall stain.

Showest thy light and thy thunder,
I summon a storm to the earth under.''

It is best to do this spell when it is cloudy outside and/or overcast. This manipulates the energy of the clouds already existing.

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