Secrets - A One Direction Fan Fiction

second story yay!!!! hopefully its alright.
Name: Rebecka 'Becky' Paxton
Age: 18
Appearance: average build, bright blue eyes, straight black hair with almost white tips
Has a butterfly tattoo on her inside of her wrist

Chapter 1

Chapter the First

“Mum… do I have to come? And why do we have a mini bus if we are only picking up one person?” I whined. We were driving to Sydney Airport to pick up some cousin I had never met or heard of until recently. He apparently had to get out of London because of some riot and safety reasons or something like that. All I knew about him was that his name was Harry. “To carry the bags of course.” Mum replied. I rolled my eyes because I knew she was lying. “And yes you do have to come because you talk teenager.” She continued. I slid down in my seat as we stopped at the VIP entrance to the airport. “VIP? What is he, like royalty or something?” I groaned. “Something like that” Mum winked at me.
“Great. Just great.” I thought. “I bet you he’s going to be some stuck up prick who thinks he’s better than everyone.” I slid further down into my seat and put my IPod up loud. I pulled out my phone and started texting my best friend, Emila. I completely zoned out of the world and before I knew it, mum had ripped my earphones out of my ears. “What was that for?!”
“Your cousin is here. Say hello.” I sighed and looked in the review mirror. “That’s odd” I frowned.
Instead of there being one person in the back there were five.
“Mum, why are there 5 people in the back?” I look closer at their reflections.
“Why do they look like One Direction? Wait… why is One Direction in our mini bus?” I spin around in my seat and lo and behold, there they were, laughing at me.

(A/N: Sorry if its a bit short. comment for the next chapter plz!)

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