how much have you changed in 2 years?

Chapter 1


by: m3rcy616
Two years ago as of today….

How old were you?

Where did you go to school?
-was in my senior year at MRHS

Where did you work?
-Cashier at Walmart.

Where did you live?
-T-town, CO (first heard that nickname for the city I grew up in from a drunk dude when I was 16. He was waiting for the lightrail, when my besties and I left a concert. He asked us if we knew the lightrail schedule, we didn't so, to make small talk while we waited, he asked where we were from, we answered and he went "Ah! the T-Town kids." and it just stuck.)

Where did you hang out?
-A local CD shop, mostly. But I think that was also the year that shop closed. It was a sad day, but we got cds and what not for super cheap in the last week.

How was your hair style?
- long (as always) black, with cherry red bangs, That was also the year I wore Cyberlox almost all the time too though.

Did you wear glasses?
-only sunglasses, never needed eyeglasses.

Who was your regular-person crush?
- Kyle, the guy I was dating at the time, and I had dated for 3 years.

How many tattoos did you have?
- exactly 2 years ago, I only had one. My rose on my spine.
It was when I was 19 that I got my others.

How many piercings did you have?
-ummmm.... 4. My gauges, which were only a size 4 at the time, and my secondary ear lobe piercings.

What car did you drive?
- a1993 Oldsmobile cutlass ciera. that car was a freakin' tank.

What was your worst fear?
- The possibility of losing touch with my besties after graduation.

You been arrested?
- Nope.

Had your heart broken?
- Not that year, no.

- In a relationship. I was 2 years into the 3 I dated Kyle for.

How old are you?
- 20.
Where do you work?
- Wendy's, trying to get in with the TSA, it's a long process.
Where do you go to school?
-RRCC, best community college ever.
Where do you live?
- 25 minutes away from the house I grew up in. W- town. (doesn't sound as cool as T-Town.)
Where do you hang out?
- when I'm meeting up with the besties, it's usually at shanna's place, or mine.
Do you wear glasses?
- still a no.
What is your hairstyle?
-Long, as always, and just plain black. Oh, and it's naturally half-straight, half-wavy. it's weird, but cool.
Still talk to any of your old friends?
- my besties, of course, are the same as ever. Some other friends though, no I don't get the chance to talk to them anymore..
Who is your current interest?
- My fiance, Andrew
How many piercings?
- 10: (the following are the ear piercings: my gauges,currently at 0s, secondary lobe piercings, an industrial bar in my left ear, two cartilage piercings in my right ear, and a tragus piercing, also in my right ear..) and them my tongue and my eyebrow. I count the industrial bar as two, since it's two holes.

How many tattoos?
- 6.
What kind of car do you have?
- a metallic blue 2001 Ford Taurus.
What is your biggest fear?
-worrying on what might happen if I come up short on rent, but no actual fears right now.
Has your heart been broken?
- Nope, I got engaged.

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