People on Quizazz

This is to explain why Alison Purdy isn't on quizazz anymore along with Cosmic Dinosaw and Grave_to_Craddle

Chapter 1

To whom it may consuren

Alison Purdy (Me), Cosmic Dinosaw (Ryan) and Grave_to_Craddle (Jack) have been deleted from quizazz. Ryan was deleted because he is gay, Me and Jack tried to help him and so Quizazz sent me a mesage saying I was fake then Deleted us. There for "So i'm Invisable am I? Ashley Purdy and Andy Biersack gay love story " will not be able to be updated. Thank you for reading.

Just so you know I did try to contact quizazz to ask why Ryan was deleted, It hasn't answered. I advise you if you are Gay, Bi or Lesbian not to use this site as you are in danger if descrimination for your Sexuality. Therefore we are going to sue for raseisum.


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