The Secret Of Sarah H S- Harry Potter

continuation of the first-Sarah is a witch one year younger to Harry brought up by her mom's (Heloise) Muggle best friend,Dia Smith. Her mother was cursed on the day the Dark Lord disappeared killing Harry's parents. Weeks after Heloise's death the person she most trusted in the Wizarding world can as a guardian to Sarah.
Heloise was in Slytherin ans Sarah always wanted to get into Slytherin but got placed in Gryffindor

Chapter 1

Thank the Murderer

As the night spread across the city and the streets slept, a dim light glimmered through the curtains of the last house in the lane. A slight footsteps descended down the stairs and paused at the hall door listening to the talk.

"You should have just stayed out of the sorting. You shouldn't have interfered in it. I am surprised the sorting hat actually listened to it"ranted Dia.
"We have been through this before. I want her out of harm's way. And what I have chosen for her, is the best I can do. She would have had no company in Slytherin",replied a figure beside her sipping his tea.
"Well she would have Draco for one", chuckled Dia,"Sorry."
The man coughed and said" Ya Ask her to go bragging all round the school that she's a Muggle and see if he even looks at her twice. She is safe with the Weasleys and I am sure she will be fine with them. And besides", he continued, "she would definitely not be able to spend those seven years in a common room where you cant open windows. She has always wanted to be free. I didn't ask the sorting hat to put her in Gryffindor, I only asked it not to put her in Slytherin"
"Whatever. You have always done as you wished. And as for getting on well with the Weasleys she does seem to get on well with the twins", said Dia nodding.
"That's good" he said taking a sip again. After a long pause he said,"Sirius Black has escaped from Azkaban."

"Sirius Black! Who Sirius Black?" wondered Dia. The man raised his eyebrows,
"SIRIUS BLACK !!! Of course Sirius Black, how can i forget him ", she mumbled messing with her hair,'How did he escape?"

"No one's sure", he said, " He's sure to come looking for Harry. Though I doubt he would manage to enter Hogwarts without being detected. He could kill anyone who stands in his way. He's a person who betrayed his---his best friends. There's no telling what he might do. So this time I want to make sure she stays minding her business. I do not want to see her breaking rules again.She does it , then she quits Hogwarts"
"I - It's her wis-",she started,"ya I will speak to her.Sure", she smiled.
"I will take your leave then", he said putting the cup down and left immediately.

Dia stared at the door as he left."I guess getting stuck between a Lion and Dragon is better than--", she stopped as she turned and saw Sarah at the door.
"Hello Mom! So done with your little secrets?" taunted Sarah. "So you knew he would put me into Gryffindor? Nice." She pulled the chair out of the way and sat on the table.
"Well you... heard.."
"Oh, yes I did! And I completely understand: except the part where I have be on my guard against Sirius."
"Sarah You are going to do as he says", Dia commanded.
"Ya?" she jumped down faced her and said" He is the one to kill the person who cursed mom-- and of which she died. And if not anything else --and no matter how big a murder he is I still have to thank him for it."
She grinned and stalked to the stairs.
"I am definitely going to meet Sirius and thank him and maybe even help him get to Harry", Sarah said with a wink pausing at the bottom of the stairs.

"Sarah!", Dia shouted, "You heard him. One rule broken and you are out of Hogwarts."
"This time I am not going to get caught, Trust me", she smiled and climbed upstairs to her room.

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