some crazy funny chaotically mixed up story

so im doing this really fun cool chain story

Chapter 1

the day they met :)!!!!!!!!!!!

by: haylae21
omg get up get up my mom was yelling you going to be late for school

OK okay i said omg the first day of my freshmen year freaking out a lil yes i think so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so i get up and im almost late for school i pull my car into the parking lot to park in m,y favorite spot and there's another car there one ive never seen before and leaning against it is the sexiest man ive ever seen :)

so i park my car and walk over to him and im like umm excuse me your in my spot and hes like oh im sorry here let me look i don't see a name on it lol all cute and jokingly and then says ok.

ill move my car lol didn't know it was taken by such a beautiful girl and now im blushing and turning bright red :)

so i asked him his name and hes like jared your s and i was like halley :) and that's how jared and halley began :)!!!!


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