I am very sad, and pretty awfully disappointed in what Quibblo has become.

Chapter 1

I remember . . .

I remember . . . When friends were people you actually cared about. not just random people who you friend so you got a little rush of joy when you look at your number or "friends" and see it's more than your fellow Quibbloian had.

I remember . . . when Quibblo was, what I called, “A Facebook for Writers,” instead of a site where people could make drama and random quizzes that have nothing to do with anything and that no one even takes.

I remember . . . when no one wanted to hurt anyone else. Quibblo was a place where people could go to share their writing, and get feedback, not a place where you got to feel good about yourself because you beat up a girl a thousand miles away, and she can’t do squat about it.

I say: get rid of the quizzes with no meaning, get rid of the stories where you say “I’m deleting . . .” then stay on, just so you can get a reaction.

I say: delete your friends, so all that’s left in your friends list is just that. Real, true friends.

I say: You don’t have to read every story that comes your way, but if you do read, comment something other then, “Great!” or “WRITE MORE!”

You don’t have to do it.

It’s just an opinion, and an observation.



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